Sunday, February 24, 2013

Out with the Red ~ In with the Yellow

You saw in a couple of posts back, that we cleaned out the garage looking for all my Easter and Spring decorations.  I started with the kitchen.  The "red" is gone, and "yellow" is in.  I look forward to this every year.   It feels like it's brand new when you only use it for one season a year.

I can't remember how long I have had this little carrot/rabbit that fits over a doorknob.  I had to get my glue gun out and put his little paws back in place.  He's good for a few more years.

Decided to use some purple and lavenders in the living room so a swag over the mirror to match the quilt my friend gave me for Christmas.

The quilt is filled with hats and purses and beautiful purples and lavenders.  I just wanted to show it off, so I put in on the back of the love seat.  I have to find a few more things now for the coffee table and desk top to go with this theme.  It's a new one for me this year, and that's kinda fun.
I found this Bunny Welcome sign at our Thrift Store, and decided to hang it inside, at the top of the "light window" in the living room.
By the way... you are welcome anytime!  There's cookies in the cookie jar, some banana bread, and it won't take long to whip up that delicious Meyer Lemon Tart.  Shall I get the coffee started?


  1. yes please!!! I'll be right over, put the kettle on!

  2. I'll be right there. ha. :)

    Lovely Easter yellow! My red is still up, probably until I turn over the calendar. Then it will be green for a couple of weeks before turning Easter. It's fun to change out the holidays, isn't it? I like the variety! Soon the holidays will slow, though...the summer seems like that...or at least Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day all seem to be red, white and blue! lol....

    1. and...that thrift store bunny is the sweetest thing!

  3. Yes please!!
    I love your sense of decorating. You definitely make a house a home.
    Have a wonderful week Wanda.

  4. Is that kettle ready yet? :) Martha's trying to nibble on my napkin.... hahaha...

  5. Something tells me you're having computer issues. Miss you!

  6. Oh, yes!! Put on that pot! (I wish!!) Wouldn't that be fun? Love the bunny/carrot door hanger! blessings ~ tanna

  7. I"ll be right over. I need to find my BUNNY decor and get into the spring season..but there is 6 inches of snow outside and I know March in Chicago is the definition of dreary....

  8. Everything looks so nice and Springy (is that a word?) I love Spring time, cool enough for a sweater but warm enough you don't need a coat. Have a wonderful week-end. girls are coming tomorrow afternoon for cake and ice cream. Audrey will be 13 on Mar. 5th. Becky who is our fourth child, will be 51 on Mar 7th. Two grandchildren in Fla will have BD's on March 8th and 17th.

  9. Funny I not even thought about Easter this year even though I been busy out in the garden and going to garden shops picking up Glads and other pretty flowers to grow in our yard here.

    You have good taste Wanda in your choices of decorations for your home.

    By the way I have a new blog up that I had started today and yes I am back to blog land!

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  11. My mom used to change the decor with every season; even changing the kitchen curtains. As you no doubt remember, colors were very important to her. I love your decorating ideas. You have always been so creative and clever, way back to when we would decorate the playhouse!


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