Thursday, February 21, 2013


Like the layers of an onion, my relationship and friendship with Elizabeth bring new stories and insights every time we visit.  I'm sharing my life and stories with her, and it turn she is now sharing more and more of her life with me.  She had told me about making dolls, but today her son had brought some for me to see.

 This one is extremely fragile, and she was hesitant to even let me hold it.  She told me how she and several of her friends had taken classes to learn doll making.  This would be over 20 to 30 years ago.
This is a porcelain doll and the dress is layers of lace, then layers of a substance to make it look and feel like glass.  You just can't see the detail with my camera.  You can see the size by Elizabeth's hand holding it.  She is just an exquisite piece of work.

This little boy doll is about 10 inches high and his name is "Hans".  The clothes and shoes were all hand made by Elizabeth.  Again, a porcelain doll and hand painted.

And this tiny little girl doll, is only a few inches high, as you can see by Elizabeth's hand and the little sweater she's wearing is a lovely piece of detailed crocheting.  I'm just so impressed with Elizabeth and her knowledge of so many different things.  We also discussed cooking today and some of the things she would fix from her Hungarian background.  I look forward to Thursday's and my weekly visit.  She said today when I was leaving, "You made my day."   I laughed and said "NO, YOU made my day."  And then we both laughed!


  1. what a beautiful day, she's such a talented woman, I think you made each others day!

  2. You are an angel, Wanda. Miss Elizabeth is a gifted and talented lady. Just like her friend. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  3. Wish you could have seen that little sweater...It must have been crochet with a tiny needle. Anyway..we are sure enjoying each other.

  4. Elizabeth is absolutely delightful.
    She certainly had a lot more patience than I to create such beautiful work. That is an amazing little sweater she did.
    Thanks for sharing Wanda.

  5. Oh, so sweet. She really had a talent there with the doll making! I'm sure it was fun to see them in person. I love how she is opening up to you and enjoying your visits. Planting little seeds, aren't you? love it...


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