Friday, February 22, 2013


We were cleaning out the garage as I was missing some of my Easter Decoration, and knew they had to be somewhere in the "back" of the garage, where everything I'm looking for HIDES!
Going through an old trunk, I found my wedding gown in a plastic bag.  It only seemed fitting that I should find it now a few months before our 52nd Anniversary.  

If I fast from now to June, I think I could fit into it. HaHa.   It's certainly has had its "Wedding Moments".  I wore it in 1961, a friend of mine later in the 60's and then our oldest daughter Michel wore it 20 years later!  It's amazing how well it's held up since after the last wedding it was never sealed in a vacuum bag.  Maybe I should have it cleaned.  Who knows if I ever have a great great granddaughter, she might be interested in wearing an "Antique".

Now I've got to put everything back in the garage.  But it wasn't in vain...I did fine ALL MY EASTER AND SPRING I'm ready to get into Spring mode very soon.


  1. you look beautiful! I'm glad you misplaced the decorations so we could see this lovely photo!

  2. I love your wedding dress. Its beautiful. Definitely not an antique.
    So happy you made the discovery while scoping out the decorations.
    I have no idea where some of my Easter/spring things are. When we moved a lot went someplace and hasn't surfaced for 5 years.
    HaHa...I guess they will have to find their own way home...

  3. It is so interesting to see how the styles have changed so much. I love that it has such a history.

    You are beautiful Miss Wanda. Absolutely beautiful.

    Wishing you the happiest weekend. Love, Becky

  4. I will never ever fit into my wedding dress again.
    Yours is beautiful :)

  5. It's still beautiful! How fun to come across it today! I love that your daughter wore it, too!

  6. That's a beautiful dress ! Try to fit in for your wedding anniversary ! I don't know where mine ended up, I had it cut, wore it for cocktails and then probably gave it away. It was a very simple long one with long sleeves.

  7. Wow, this is great. Very beautiful gown for a beautiful lady.

  8. It's a beautiful dress, it makes an odd contrast among all that garage stuff though!

  9. Beautiful!! I vote for hoping on that great granddaughter wearing it!! You know how I love that kind of thing!! ;) blessings and hugs ~ tanna


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