Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Several weeks ago I mentioned I was being tested for glaucoma, as the first test looked "suspicious".  Today the final testing is done, and I do have the beginnings of glaucoma.  The good news is with daily eye drops it will stop the process that had started.
I'm very excited that something as simple as daily eye drops can prevent blindness in 10 years if not done.
Modern medicine.  I'm glad I live in a time where much can be done for so many health issues.
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  1. That's very good news ! Eyes are so important, I have a yearly check up of my eyes since a couple of years, my friend and neighbor got the Macula which can never been healed but stopped with a monthly shot in her eyes ! Poor girl but at least it helps !
    Scrolled a little through your blog, wedding and the picture of both of you are so nice

    1. Gattina, thanks for stopping by. Since I have been wearing hearing aids for 15 years, I sure didn't want to lose my eye sight too. Thanks for the kind words about our pictures. It was a lovely wedding and day.

  2. Many years ago I used to go walking with a group of people and one of them was the person who invented a Glaucoma test using a puff of air onto the eyeball. Is that the test you had Wanda? Always good to have your eyes checked. Pleased all is ok.

  3. What a blessing these drops are.

  4. Thank you, Lord, for keeping Your hands upon us. For all we can (and typically do) complain about, we are abundantly blessed. I am looking forward to the "miracle" of cataract surgery for Mom and I think she will be blessed too.

  5. Glad you caught it!! I don't know about you, Wanda, but Evan and I were discussing yesterday afternoon (as we sat in the doctor's office waiting on his appointment) seems that we spend a lot more time on maintenance than we used to! LOL!! Glad there is modern medicine... blessings ~ tanna

  6. wow, that is wonderful news, an easy fix for a horrible disease! Have a wonderful healthy day!

  7. So happy to hear that the disease can be treated with eye drops.
    Modern medicine is truly a gift.


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