Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I loved Children's Books as a child, and equally as much as an adult.  I especially love to find one that has a lesson in values or morals.  Today, with 50% off everything in the Thrift Store, I made a quick trip down to see if I could find anything.  As my dearest was thumbing through CD's I was looking through the Children's Books.

I found a treasure.  Baa Baa Black Sheep like you've never heard it.  Amazing story and illustrations by Iza Trapani.  Brand new, still had the plastic cover.  Said $16.95 US and $25.95 Can.  My price 50 cents.

I wish I could share the entire book with you, but since that would not be feasible, I'll share what made it such a great story and the illustrations are beautifully done. 
We all know the Nursery Rhyme:

"Baa Baa Black Sheep, have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full.
One for the master, one for the dame,
One for the little boy who lives down the lane.
Baa Baa Black Sheep, have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full."
But the story continues and through out the book different animals come and ask for things...kittens for milk, a pig for slop, a horse for hay, a dog for a bone, birds for seed, and a mouse for cheese.  Each time the Black Sheep has to say NO, he didn't have any of these things.
The final pages of the book show all the animals showing up at the Sheep's door and this is what they say
"Baa, baa black sheep, won't you tell us why
"No" is always your reply?
A little kindness you've never shown.
Too mean to give a poor dog a bone.
Knit all day is all you ever do.
Boo, boo, black sheep shame on you!
The next picture shows all the animals inside the Sheep's house and he has knitted something for each of them and the rhyme continues like this:
Baa, baa black sheep, what a great surprise!
We cannot believe our eyes,
We all assumed you didn't care,
That you were selfish and wouldn't share.
Now we see and , wow, are we impressed.
You gave that which you give best!
Baa, baa black sheep, have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full.
When we have something special to give
We'll share with friends as long as we live.
Baa, baa black sheep, have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full.
OK, Children you've had your bedtime story..Off to bed and be like the Black Sheep and give what you give best.
I hope you dear blog friends are not offended by my reading you a children's book...but I just had to share this one.


  1. First of all, I love your art in your header photo, Wanda!
    What a great book and deal you found at the thrift store. I love children's books and sweet illustrations.
    Have you seen the book THE LITTLE CHAPEL THAT STOOD ? It is by A.B. Curtis about Sept. 11, written for children. The author reads and shows the book on a youtube video. I think you would enjoy it, too.

    1. Thanks for your kind words about my header...Funny with Christmas behind us I was ready for something new..a quick sketch and watercolor I did some time back seemed to fill the bill.

      I will check out the youtube.

  2. In the Swedish version of the nursery rhyme/ song, the black sheep is a white lamb, and it's sack contains a weekday coat for dad, a Sunday skirt for mum and two pairs of socks for little brother!

    1. Oh that is so completely interesting. I wonder how many other versions there are?

  3. I didn't know there were any other versions of baa baa black sheep. Very interesting. We all have our own special talents and give back in ways that are unique to us. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  4. Tammy, I so thought you when I read this story, who crochets for everyone..You are a special "giver".

  5. Love. love. love this one Wanda (of course my love of wool and knitting contributes)! Amanda videoed Alex and I singing this little rhyme last year at Christmas... came as a surprise several months later. Made me both laugh and cry. ;) You know how that is. Blessings and hugs and thanks for you, dear Wanda ~ tanna

    1. Tanna, of course you and Tammy came to mind as she love to crochet, and you knit...love what both you you create.

      I had to borrow your Blue Bird of Happiness for my new post today. Just love your display and linked my post to yours.

  6. Wanda,
    Love this! I was the librarian at my kids' school years ago, and the best part was getting to read all the new books as they came in! I miss that.
    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog post. I am really going to try to be a better blogger this year!
    Did you paint the watercolor at the top of your blog? It is beautiful!
    Take care,
    p.s. new follower :)

    1. Petra, Aren't Children's books the best! I'm really looking forward to your new adventure in blogging. Yes, I did paint the Watering Can painting. It was a quick sketch with dry brush and spatters. I love watercolor and share my work from time to time on the blog.

  7. How did I miss this one? You know I love children's books!

  8. What a great version. Is this an old book or current? Giving ones best is always the "best".


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