Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Grandma Floy's English Toffee

One of our Christmas Traditions is my mom's English Toffee.  As long as I can remember, it was a favorite during the Christmas Season and was also given away to friends and family.

This year with the weather so cooperative, I made two batches.  She always said it wouldn't set up in cloudy or rainy weather.  She was right, my batch last year was a flop..and as Betsy reminded me, I crumbled it up and put it in a coffee cake.

You can see the recipe is old and stained, but it's just delicious toffee.  The most time consuming is grating the block chocolate, but the rest goes really fast.

I have purchased some Christmas Tins to fill for my family and friends.  Isn't that a cute basket..wearing a sweater.  That will be filled with goodies for a gift too.
My baking is DONE..all packaged, labeled and in the freezer.  Feels so good.  In fact, my dearest and I are going to see the movie "Lincoln" this afternoon to celebrate!


  1. wow, you are a head of the game!! Great looking toffee and I love the tins,

  2. That toffee looks so yummy! I think that kind of stuff is addicting! Love the sweater wearing basket! haha...how cute! I have my baking done, too and spent the morning making deliveries, which was very fun. Even had some snow flakes falling to set the mood!

    How was the movie?

  3. It's beautiful! I have plans to make some this year, but first I have to buy some walnuts and chocolate. (And then be content to enjoy the sights and smell rather than the taste.)

    1. Okay, I'll be honest. I WILL taste the toffee. :)


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