Thursday, December 27, 2012


Tom and Don at Solvang several years ago.
Several times I've share a story or something our dear friend Tom in Texas has sent us.  He's a gifted writer and has such a way of expressing his feelings.  The following is another of his reflections on life and himself.   I'm encouraging him to open a blog, but until that happens from time to time I will share what touches me deeply from his heart and pen.
The older I get the more I find myself reflecting on my own life and mortality.  Here's what Tom has to say about it.
Earlier today, I saw on my coffee table an assortment of coins.  A typical handful of change from my jean pocket.  One particularly caught my eye.  Since a child coins held a fascination to me.  Often, flipping through the cable channels, I pause to see what the coin channel has to offer.
Today's coin, though a familiar design, looked old.  It was worn, discolored, and pitted.  Closer inspection showed the date to be 1991.  I was surprised.  First by how recent the mintage was, and then after a quick calculation, how long ago 21 years was.
I was 41 years old.  Oh to have the luster of that coin.  It had seen some rough days, but so have I.  The deep lines in my face, the receding hairline, the almost entirely white mane, shows the age to the most casual observer.  Closer inspection demonstrates the effect of 3 strokes, the loss of 150 lbs. and a least a heartbreak or two.
Like the coin, I remain.  My value, I would like to think, is greater.  The history of my life is etched in every line.  I am grateful to be an old man.
I will share with Tom any comments you leave.


  1. I agree with Tom, we seem to be able to go through an awfully lot and still keep ticking. There has to be some reason for this. He's a good story writer just like you Wanda. Thanks for sharing.

    It's around 25 outside at the moment, I don't think putting salt down will help too much unless it warms up a little. We had a couple of men clear our driveway and sidewalks last evening. Abe can't and I don't think I could have either, even with the snowblower, our daughter that is living here with us, she got home from work about 8:30, it was a 12 hour day for her, plus she's still got her wrist in this brace thing from when she fell before Thanksgiving and broke her wrist and her elbow. So she wouldn't have been able to do it either.

    But it's done. Grocery shopping I normally do on Thursday is pushed up to Sat. I was suppose to have gotten a pro time test yesterday, but office called and cancelled, their lab people weren't going into work. So tomorrow morning at 8:40 I will get that done. Because it's time to renew my Coumadin and I don't want to get a prescription filled and find out I need a lower dose and have to get another one filled. Abe takes it also but he takes a different dose then me.

    I'm rambling. Have a good day and a terrific NEW YEAR.

  2. Thank you Wanda. Tell Tom I said thank you and that I enjoyed his thoughts about coins and our value.

  3. Tom, these are good thoughts on aging, and yes, we are blessed to be allowed the luxury of aging.

  4. Aging is something we all do.....
    Many things escalate in value as they age and I like to think that my getting older gives me more maturity and sage-ness (not sagginess)and value to those around me.
    Great thoughts from your friend Tom.

  5. Tom's reflections were like a deja vu for me.. I picked up a 1973 nickel the other day and many of his same thoughts rambled through my mind... I'm glad to still be around, too. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  6. What a wonderful observation Tom made from the assortment of coins sitting on his coffee table. Aging is something that occurs with time. I like his insight on the matter; I think we all can identify with, "The history of my life is etched with every line".

  7. He, most definitely, needs to start a blog. He has a way with words.


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