Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The Shadow
Do you remember a few weeks ago, I showed you a shadow on my living room wall of a bird house hanging on my front porch that came through the porthole window in the front door.

The Door

This morning to my amazement, reindeer were prancing across my wall.  How can that be?  Yesterday while doing my roaming through the Thrift Store I saw this green metal wreath of reindeer.  I immediately thought of the port hole and thought it would fit perfectly which it now I can see "Dancing Reindeer" each morning on the wall.  

It doesn't take much to amuse me or make me happy.  A $1.49 wreath at 30% off for Senior Day.  If you look, you can see joy everywhere.  Look for Joy in your Shadows today! 


  1. That is a fabulous bargain and the shadows are extra pretty.

  2. Joy in the shadows is quite profound Wanda.

    Your thrift shop is a real treasure. Love the wreath.

  3. Looks like you got two for the price of one. A lovely metal wreath for the porthole and a lovely shadow wreath for the wall. How wonderful! Happy holidays. Tammy

  4. Oh how fun! Love the shadows and you have a great eye for a bargain that just fits!

  5. What a cool thing! Perfect for that spot and what a deal! Love it!

  6. I think you have a really great thrift store nearby. Either that or you are a shopper with a good eye!

  7. That's neat! I have about six glass prism ornaments on my kitchen windowsill that throw out lots of little rainbows on the walls of the kitchen at certain times of the day. Beautiful


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