Friday, December 21, 2012


What was your Friday like?  Mine was quite busy.  I ran errands, picked up some last minutes items  and. . . 
  • Filled a Mega big Stocking for our two little great grandsons.  That was so much fun.  Can't wait to see them dig in and find the surprises.
  • Sent out another batch of Christmas Cards.  This takes me time, as I just can't sign our's time for a personal note to each family.
  • Today was cold, so a bowl of hot chili beans, onions, cheese and cornbread was a good way to finish off the day.
  • Tonight, I will take a little time to visit my blogging friends, maybe watch another Christmas movie and crawl into a warm bed.  We put the electric blanket on the bed today. 


  1. Sounds like a very fun day. Some time over the weekend I will probably slip out to the grocery for a short list of fresh items I need for Christmas It's always nice when you know your list is finished!

    Isaac and Matthew are going to love that stocking! It looks huge!

    I really didn't do anything today, except dishes and laundry that needed to be done. It felt good to be quiet and lazy while the boys were in their last day of school. We had blowing snow and icy roads today. Nice to not have errands to take me outside!

    Tomorrow I think I'll bake cinnamon rolls for us to enjoy the next few mornings. And I found a candy recipe I want to try. Martha Washingtons. ha. New to me. They are chocolate covered coconut balls. Oh my. :)

    Love a warm bed....we need to get our flannel sheets on soon. Maybe we'll do that this weekend, too!

    1. It was a lot of fun filling the stocking. It is BIG, but I thought the boys would have fun digging the presents out of it.

      Our grandson likes to be different, so they spelled Isaac "Issac"...don't you know the teachers are going to think he doesn't know how to spell his name. He started kindergarten this year.

      Oh that candy sounds good since I love coconut. Cinnamon rolls sound really good too. I usually only make them when Nick and Jon spend the night.

      So are the boys out of school till next year?

    2. Yes, and when they go back, they are moving the whole school to a newly built building! Because of that they have an extra week of Christmas vacation so all the furniture and suppplies can be moved to the new rooms. They don't go back until January 9th!

      I'm going to enjoy sleeping in and not packing school lunches. haha. But I'm sure I'll be ready to send them back in 3 weeks! :)

    3. Our grandkids have 3 weeks, and they go back Jan. 7. I will have Nick and Jon for a sleep over fter Christmas when I don't have my basket fixing all over the living room.

      One thing about being retired.. I can usually say when I wake up..."Do I want to roll out, or roll over...haha"

  2. I did a load of laundry and went to a Christmas party with My Darling. After that I made right a mistake on a Barnes and Noble book purchase and picked up a few things at the grocery store (milk, eggs, butter, and Clementines). Then I came home and went to sleep on the couch, ate some soup and watched a movie. I accomplished much and little. :)

    1. I've had days like that where I feel like I have accomplished much and little. Today it felt like much! But tonight I'm really tired. I think all the writing on the cards did it. Emotional as some of my friends are really hurting and going through difficult times.

  3. I love to visit your blog, Wanda. That stocking is huge!!! The chili looks delicious with the onions and cornbread. We are finally cold here and the wind has been brutal.
    I had a quick last minute trip to the grocery...older brother and his adult daughter are coming to lunch tomorrow.
    Enjoy that warm bed - sleep tight!

    1. Mildren...I'm so glad my blog is an enjoyment to you. That is my goal in blogging to bring a little slice of my daily life. Winds just make it all the colder, doesn't it?
      Enjoyu lunch with your family tommorrow. Looking forward to that warm bed....Yawn!!!!

  4. Hello Ms Wanda,

    How are you doing? I spent my Friday doing some last minute shopping for Christmas with my parents. The swarm of people is all over, hehehe! Good thing we live near the central business district but still, the traffic was horrible.

    Keep yourself warm always and may our good Lord bless you and your family this season.

    Merry Christmas :)

    1. Good Morning Farida. I guess the count down is on for everyone. Sometimes shopping can be rather fun...we have the traffic here too.

      Love hearing from you. Merry Christmas to you and all those who are dear to you.


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