Monday, December 3, 2012


The first thing on my "To Do" list today, was to get back on TRACK, and get back to the YMCA and stop my "backsliding". HaHa   It started back in August when we took our trip to Oregon to visit our daughter and my brother in Northern CA. 

We got home and I started back with my routine, and then our trip to Boise came along in October.  More backsliding.

When we got back from was jump in with both feet and plan Don's 75th Birthday Party, and that moved right into getting ready for Thanksgiving.   Well with Thanksgiving behind me, and some extra pounds on was time to get back on track with my eating and exercising routine.

When I showed up at the Y this morning, you would have thought someone came back from the dead!  What a nice welcome I got, and not one person gave me a bad time, cause we've all been there and done that.  I took it slow and will build back up to where I was but it sure felt good to be back on TRACK.

Tomorrow my friend Elizabeth will be 96 so I plan to spend the afternoon celebrating with her.  Hope to get some more pictures.

What's on your To Do List today?


  1. Nothing exciting on my list. My hubby and I are getting over the flu. The kind you get flu shots for. And, yes, we did get our flu shots. We are in that tiny percent that still get the flu. Not as bad, they say. I say, hogwash. I hate to see what we would be like if we had "full blown" cases. So, my goad today is to get the laundry done and a nap and who knows in what order. Take care and enjoy celebrating with your friend. 96, WOW.

  2. good for you! Thats the attitude, back on track!
    96 wow, thats something to celebrate!!!!

  3. I walked for an hour and a half on Saturday and that felt good. Just no time during the week to do much of anything. Happy birthday to Elizabeth! Have a great day. Tammy

  4. C'mon Wanda, pump that iron !!! Happy birthday to Elizabeth, 96 is a grand age.


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