Friday, November 23, 2012


Oh how I love the leftovers after Thanksgiving.  Especially Pecan Pie for breakfast.  It was a huge and wonderful Thanksgiving Day with all the family.  We laugh, we ate, we talked, we ate, we went through some family things in the garage, we ate, we enjoyed the sunshine outside, and we ATE!

Had enough leftovers to send lots home with each family.  But I didn't send the last piece of Pecan pie ~~~~ I was saving that for my breakfast this morning... So here I sit in my nightgown, eating pie and reflecting on the wonderful family God has given me!

Now I'm looking forward to a Pilgrim Sandwich for lunch!  Are you having leftovers? 


  1. pie for breakfast! Thats my kinda gal!!
    Nope no leftovers, Canadian here!!

  2. Yes, we had homemade egg,ham and cheese on a Gram biscuit, like a Mc Muffin, for breakfast. For supper tonight, we are going to make turkey and noodle soup using the leftover turkey and broth. Going to make the noodles here soon. And, of course, pumpkin pie for dessert. Yum

  3. I had leftover carrot cake... too much of it, I'm afraid. And leftover chicken soup from Wednesday night. All the turkey stayed at Bethany's this time. I bet she's having leftovers. :)

  4. I love leftovers from Thanksgiving almost better than the original feast.
    Yep, I think we will have a repeat of yesterday for dinner tonight.
    Then I don't have to think about being creative...
    Maybe we will even have a pilgrim sandwich for lunch too.
    Now I guess it's full blast on till Christmas.
    I would have had pie for breakfast too but Lynne took hers back home. Better for me anyhow. (:0)


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