Saturday, November 24, 2012


In the front yard the leaves are still on the tree and turning a bright yellow.  Very pretty with the sun shinning through.

However, the back yard is a different story.  The trees in the back yard have been dropping leaves (a lot of them) for several weeks. They have been raked up and thrown away a couple of times.  My dearest raked all of them up before our Thanksgiving dinner in the back yard...but this was the picture this morning a day later.  They can just wait for the landscaper on Thursday!  HaHa.


  1. The maple tree on the east side of our house holds it's leaves a couple weeks longer than the ones out front. I suppose this could make for weeks of either raking or jumping. You can guess which I like best. :)

  2. haha...oh my! It's a never ending job! Beautiful on the tree in the front and beautiful off the tree in the back! Our leaves are all but gone for the year...

  3. Yes, that's just the way it is here too.
    The lawn people were here Friday and filled our entire toter with leaves.
    Two hours later it looked like they had never been here.
    We have the most beautiful red and gold carpet in the front.
    I do think the trees are out-doing themselves in the color department this year.
    God is such an amazing artist.


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