Sunday, November 25, 2012


Molly has a new toy.  A tiger that looks like Hobbes from "Calvin and Hobbes".   She loves sleeping with her toys.  If you think she's spoiled, you would be correct.  Over the years, raising four children we were never without pets, and life was way to busy to spoil them.  We loved them and cared for them, but none got the treatment Molly gets.

I was looking through some pictures, and didn't realize how many  I have of Molly sleeping with her toys.  We've had her 8 years and almost 5 of those in retirement.  She's loved by all the family, and loves when any of them come to visit. 

My big sister Donna, me and Sambo (1946)
My love for pets started when I was 5, with a black cocker spaniel, named Sambo.  I enjoyed him being my buddy until I was 17 when I had to give him up.  Some of the saddest days of my young life.  I vowed I'd never love another dog like that, and try as I did, ending up loving every dog we had, but none ever captured my heart like Sambo.   Now, Molly runs a close second!!

Did you have a favorite childhood pet?   Do you have a pet now?


  1. Oh, Molly is such a sweetheart! And so is Sambo! Awww. :)

    We didn't have pets growing up. I remember loving the dogs our neighbors had and would pet them through the back yard fence. And I also begged for a stuffed Lassie dog out of the Sears catalog every Christmas. haha. As soon as we built our first home I put in a request at the local pet shop for a grey tiger kitten. They called about 3 weeks later. That was Alex. He lived a long 18 years. I cried for a week when he died.
    Now look at me. hahahaha.

    pets are great...and Molly looks like she has such personality! I remember her laying in your suitcase to make sure she was going on the trip with you! Adorable! :)

    1. Oh Betsy, I loved your story. Those Sears catalogs...what "Wish Books". 18 years is a long time for a cat. Alex must have been so very special. I missed a couple days of school when Sambo died, I just couldn't stop crying either.

      She would come and wait for me every day from school at the end of our long driveway. Oh the precious memories. Thanks so much for sharing your story.

  2. molly is a sweet heart! It so cute the way she loves her toys, I have always had pets, they were my family,I loved them as humans, its hard to say good by,

    1. Oh so very hard to say good bye! I've had to do it too many times, and can't even imagine our life without Molly.

  3. We had a dachshund named Katy when I was growing up. She was great company and so much fun. We typically had a cat too, but the one I remember best from childhood was one of the more aloof types.

    I'm not yet to the point where I want to spoil a dog rotten, though my son David had a puppy years back who would have been. I cried for weeks after he got hit by a car and haven't had one capture my heart quite like he did since.

    1. Molly has a pillow that says "A spoiled rotten dog lives here"

      I'm afraid it's true. My brother had a little dog that was hit by a car...those are the hardest ones. Thanks so much for sharing your story.

  4. Hi Wanda!
    Oh I love your photos! Molly is a shih tzu?
    My first dog, Muffin, was a shih tzu! She passed away two years ago, this time of year... and I loved her so much! She lived a long 16 years. The last two were quite difficult as she changed so much. In her younger years, she loved to do tricks, {anything for a piece of cheese ~ no matter how small!} she loved to go for walks, loved the breeze from the car windows {and of course, she was on my lap in the driver's seat!} Her best friend, Misty is still alive ... also another shih-tzu. Misty is now going on her 17th year! She very good days and occasional bad ones when she sleeps most of the day and looks a bit arthritic. My father calls her "Baby" since she still prances like a puppy at times and inspires a more youthful outlook for him too!
    Love this post, Wanda ... and reminiscing about my Muffin ♥
    ~ Maria

    1. Oh Maria, your story was so touching, and I feel with you so deeply. I only hope and pray Molly is with us so long. We had one other Shih Tzu, but she went blind, got very sick and died at 9. Thank you so very much for sharing your story.

  5. Hans was my favorite (childhood and forever) pet... then Tess was a close second. Molly does looks to be livin' the good life!! LOL! blessings ~ tanna

    1. Tanna, I love hearing these pet stories.. how they do connect us.

      Our daughter had a dog named Tess after she was married and had children.

      Yes, Molly has it good!!! HaHa

  6. My Dad tried a few times to get my sister and I to bond with a dog, but it didn't work. However, after I got married, I saw the cutest little mini-dachshound and fell in love. Since Max and Liesl, I have always had a dog. Each was unique in its own special way and my husband always tells people that my friends say if they did believe in reincarnation (which we don't) that they would want to come back as Connie's dog! I love my dogs. Max loved his toys too and when we would pack for a trip, he would sit by the suitcase and not move because he knew he was going to get to go with us. All my dogs have loved to travel with us. They are all so funny and I know we all could sit around and just share many, many great stories about them.

    1. Oh Nonnie ~ Thanks so much for sharing your sweet story. I love hearing of others pets and the love between them. When we travel, and I put the suitcase open on the bed... Molly jumps in. I have a picture of that somewhere. HaHa

  7. Molly is so sweet sleeping with her toys. Toni was my childhood pet from the time I was 2 until I was 17. She would shake her booty when we played the song by KC & the Sunshine Band. She walked me to the bus when I was in kindergarten. And was with me through my high school years. Gosh how I loved that dog. I have a photo of her in a silver frame in my bedroom. Have a wonderful week. Tammy

    1. Tammy, I so loving these stories everyone is sharing about their childhood pets.

      Toni sounds like the best pet ever. Sambo would wait at the end of the drive way for the bus to bring me home from school.

      Thanks so much for sharing your touching story.

  8. My parents were never into pets but through much begging I finally got a parakeet when I was about 11.
    I named him Perry Keet.
    He was kind of dumb but could really chirp and squawk up a storm. I worked hard to have him sit on my finger and be a "pet".
    One day we let him out of the cage and he flew right into the big mirror that hung over our fireplace.
    He was always squirrly after that and I think he had several seizures.
    It wasn't long after that that during the night I heard him flopping around in his cage. In the morning I was afraid to take the cover off his cage, I just knew he was dead.
    He was.
    I cried and was upset but I'll never forget what my Dad (who was the most kind and sentimental person) said.,
    there's no need to get so upset, he's just a bird....crushing....
    My Mom tried to smooth things over but obviously it still hurts especially coming from my Dad. It seemed so out of character for the Daddy that I knew and loved.
    That was the last pet I ever had.
    I fell in love with the Granddaughters dog and then came Molly....
    She can come to our house any old time again.
    What a deary.
    Whew...I guess I have written a novel here.
    Thanks for the therapy Wanda.
    Love you

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