Saturday, October 27, 2012


My new header, features the gourds I found at the pumpkin patch that looked like swans.  I added the black eyes with a marker.

It came home with me from Boise.  Packed and checked in my suitcase.  Straight from the garden to my suitcase and then home to my freezer.

I'm defrosting it now, along with some strawberries to try a few recipes from Sue, and from this new Canning Magazine from Chelenne (my dil)

We had Rhubarb~Raspberry Coffee Cake from Sue's Kitchen and it was so delicious.  That is first on the list!

Do you like Rhubarb?  How do you use it?


  1. I have never eaten rhubarb but my husband's grandma used it often in her baking when he was a kid in MI. I know your home will be smelling good soon. Have a blessed Sunday. Mildred

  2. I do, we make a preserve that we eat on toast (like a loose jam) we make pie, too and my mum made wine, I've never tasted the wine but I know it was really popular even the minister of our church loved it!I like the things you pack to bring home, you're my kinda gal!!!!

  3. We used to eat stewed rhubarb and custard and rhubarb pie all the time when we lived in England. I don't think I have even seen it in the store over here recently.

  4. Your gourd swans are fabulous and very graceful. I don't have any rhubarb recipes for you.

  5. My neighbor brings us rhubarb in late spring and early summer. We make rhubarb pie but I rarely mix it with strawberries. It's best with vanilla ice cream.

    Does your book tell how to make and can pie fillings? I need to get all those blueberries out of my freezer.

  6. I haven't seen rhubarb growing outside for a while. I see it in the stores sometimes but I've never bought it. It does bring back memories when I was a child and we had rhubarb growing nearby and we used to get some and eat it raw. I loved the sour flavor. Love your new header by the way! :-)

  7. I love rhubarb. It reminds me of my Mom. they grew it in their yard when I was young and she made a delicious sauce from it.
    I like sour things so it was right up my alley.
    I do like strawberry, rhubarb pie too.
    Can't wait to see your pics. of your baking adventures.

  8. Oh, I just read the comment about eating it raw and my mouth got all watery remembering doing that fresh from our garden. Yup, sour and I get along really well...

  9. Strawberries are the perfect pairing for rhubarb! yum!
    And I love your header...drawing eyes on gourds sounds like something I would do! ha.

  10. Hi Wanda!
    We have some frozen rhubarb too. I love to make a simple rhubarb cake. I got the recipe from another blogger, Linda. It's such an easy recipe. You can also substitute apples for the rhubarb.

    Here is the link to my post with her recipe...
    I hope all is well with you!
    Many blessings to you, Wanda!

  11. ps. your "swans" are AMAZING!

  12. Hi, Wanda!! Love your new swans. And, I wish I could hug your neck for your sweet e-mail. I have missed my friends. Glad to be back and would love a strawberry-rhubarb pie. ;) blessings ~ tanna


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