Wednesday, October 31, 2012



The first 3 years we lived here, we didn't have one "Trick or Treater".  So we were forced to eat the candy.  Bummer..HaHa.
Last year we had a few, so I'm not sure who or what will show up on my porch tonight.
Just in case we have to eat all the goodies again, I did add some healthy Nature Valley Bars this time.

Come on by if you're in the neighborhood, and I'll add a cup of coffee and some cookies to the mix~ or some pumpkin bread.


Monday, October 29, 2012


Sometimes you have the privilege and awesome experience to step back into history.  That was the feeling we got when we stopped at this little Finish Church and old cemetery on our way to McCall, ID on our recent trip.  It was fun to stand on that porch and wonder what it would have been like for my dearest to have been the Pastor here, and myself the Pastor's wife of this little congregation so many years ago.

I took a few pictures, but felt so sad when many of the graves were of infant children.  Those were such hard time, and not all the modern medicine we so freely have.

It was with a quiet and respectful spirit we walk among the markers and read the names and dates, and tried to imagine all the stories that lay beneath the ground.

Even the year 1827 brought a chill, as I can hardly imagine a time so long ago, and the community of people who came here from Finland and settled this little town.  Lived their lives, attending the little Church, raised their families and buried their dead.

This shot looked like a painting.  The sky, the trees, the fence...the was a moment in time I won't soon forget.  Well that completes our trip to Boise, and the marvelous time we had.  Hope you enjoyed coming along with our pictures.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


My new header, features the gourds I found at the pumpkin patch that looked like swans.  I added the black eyes with a marker.

It came home with me from Boise.  Packed and checked in my suitcase.  Straight from the garden to my suitcase and then home to my freezer.

I'm defrosting it now, along with some strawberries to try a few recipes from Sue, and from this new Canning Magazine from Chelenne (my dil)

We had Rhubarb~Raspberry Coffee Cake from Sue's Kitchen and it was so delicious.  That is first on the list!

Do you like Rhubarb?  How do you use it?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


 During our trip to Boise, we had a overnight trip to a darling town called McCall.  About a 2 hour drive from Boise.   It was overcast and I love the capture of the lake.  It almost looks like a black and white.  Don's cousin Sue, and her husband Jerry were just fantastic hosts and we enjoyed so many delightful places on this mini trip.
 Oh my goodness, so many cute shops all decked out for Fall.  We stayed in the Holiday Express pictured above and the shop across the street was full of Fall and Christmas decorations.  I got a few of each!
I've never seen the "Little Boy" come out of Don in such a big way until he got to be the "flagman".  In McCall for safety they have flags on both sides of the street to make sure cars see the pedestrians.  We had to keep crossing the street so Don could play "flagman"...We are still laughing.  I just noticed Sue is carrying my purse so I could get the picture.  It had started to sprinkle in the bottom photos.

What a fun trip!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012


 One day, we just took a tour of downtown Boise.  The State House was so very interesting as they have just completed a renovation.  The marble columns were very impressive.  The grounds are lovely and this statue titled "Hospitality of the Nez Perce was very realistic.  Loved the facial expressions.
 We visited The Bishop's House, a Boise Landmark.  Built in 1889 as a home for Idaho's Episcopal Bishop.  Moved to this spot in 1975 and operated by "Friends of Bishop House".
Flowers abound everywhere downtown, and these are just a few by the Capitol and the Bishop's House.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


 Aunt Trula's daughter Sue and hubby Jerry invited us to spend a week getaway in Boise Idaho at their home.  It was just marvelous.  The Fall season was beginning and you can see by the color of the trees we were enjoying every minute of it.  They are die hard Bronco fans so they fitted us out with Bronco Sweat Shirts!  Don is so proud of his, I could hardly get him to take it off!  This is Don with his cousin Sue and Jerry.
 They scheduled our trip so we could attend a Boise State Bronco, and Fresno State (CA) football game.  The famous "Blue" field is much better in person than on TV.  We enjoyed getting our picture taken with the Bronco Statue, but I had a lot more fun after the game sticking my tongue out at the "Real Boise Mascot"...But he started it...He stuck his tongue out at me first!!!!
Speaking of horses.  The field next to Sue and Jerry's property houses 4 horses.  When we would put out some feed by the fence and whistle...they would come running!  That was one of the highlights of the trip, since I've never been around horses, and think they are magnificent animals.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of my hope you'll join me for the next few days and see the rest of the trip.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My dearest and I are taking a little trip.  May or may not have access to a computer.  See you in a week!!

Have a great week!

Monday, October 8, 2012


I've posted a lot of pictures of our grandson Kaleb, and his football games.  Since we live an hour away it's easier to get in on Friday nights for the Football games.  However, we are just as proud and excited for our grandson Elijah (Kaleb's brother) who plays Water Polo for Sunny Hills High and their team is doing great.  His games are scheduled at odd times during the week, so we haven't been able to see one of his games yet.
This week he decided to get a really "Cool Short Cut".  A couple of years ago, he donated his "long" hair to Locks of Love.
Besides his dedication to Water Polo, he plays guitar for the Youth Praise Team at his Church.
We are proud of all our grand kids, but some don't want to be the "stars" on Grandma's Blog, so I respect that!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

You win some and you lose some.  This week we lost...but my grandson is a winner with his determination, love of the game and attitude.  Win or lose, Kaleb, you are the MAN!