Friday, September 21, 2012


Yesterday I cooked the chicken breasts in the large crock pot all day, and last night pulled it all apart and had enough to fill my little crock pot which I will use to heat it up for tonight's dinner before the game.
I made the "Lazy Girl Cobbler" and it looks pretty good and smells wonderful.  Here is the simple recipe.
2 cans of fruit pie filling
(I used peach)
1 yellow cake mix
2 cubes of butter
Place fruit in baking dish
Sprinkle cake mix evenly over the top
Cut butter into slices and place evenly over cake mix.
Bake at 350 for 1 hour
(Mine was golden brown in 50 minutes)
Tonight the pulled pork will go into sandwiches on French Rolls or Crescent Rolls and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the cobbler.
Go, hard, no injuries, and win the game!! We'll be watching and rooting!


  1. Hi Wanda, Looks and sounds delicious and I wish the Lancers a great game! Many years ago I remember trying this recipe at a pot luck supper with cherry pie filling!
    Wish you were here to share a scone with! They were just baked this a.m.! Mildred

    1. We have a bake sale coming up at Church next month..Maybe I'll make another one for that.

      Those scones just looked so so good. Desconso Gardens, where I go to read sometimes, had a gift shop that sells wonderful Scone Mix. I need to get some more.

  2. You are such a good Grandma. Everything you make looks luscious.
    The cobbler recipe is my kind of cooking, very easy and tastes like you worked all day on it.
    Your schedule wore me out just reading it.
    Will be praying for renewed energy and a blessed time with your family.

    1. Thanks for your prayers... I'll need them..Once Donna and I are on the road, we can relax a little and get a lot of visiting done.

      I think I brought you one of the scone mixes from Desconso Gardens, didn't I? That an easy little mix too.

    2. Yes you did and it was yummy.
      I'm sad that I am down to the last bit of jam too.
      I think of you and Don while I'm enjoying the tasty goodies.
      Enjoy your trip and remember if you are too tired to go all the way up to your brother's, you can stop and take a breather here.
      Love to have you.

  3. Hey Wanda, that looks yummy-licious. Have fun at the football game and enjoy your family.

    1. It was a hard fought game, but we won 17 to 10.

      Food really went over well.

  4. Sorry Wanda, you missed out the sugar --preferably brown.
    Your resident sugar freak,
    (Flamblogger) :} :} :}

    1. Yes, I'm a sugar freak too. It was really good.

  5. For a brief moment I thought that recipe called for one used peach...

    1. HaHaHa... I didn't notice that until you pointed it out! Yes, used peaches are much cheaper!! Funny!!!

    2. I had to look back to see what Martha was commenting on...
      Too funny...
      I hadn't noticed that but it certainly could be read that way.

  6. oh, I hope they won their game! Football season is so much fun!

    I can't believe that cobbler recipe! How easy is that!!!

    1. Yep, they won a really hard fought game 17 to 10.

      The cobbler was good...not like fresh peaches and homemade pie crust...but for a quick dessert it was excellent w/ice cream of course.


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