Monday, September 10, 2012


We are trying to attend all of Kaleb's football games, since he's a Senior and his last year to play and he is the starting QB so it makes for exciting games.  We had a good turn out of family at his last game in Big Bear.  From left to right.  Grandpa Slaven, Grandma, our son Myk, Grandpa Lunde (Chelenne's Dad) Chelenne and their other son, Elijah. 

The Grandpa's having a conversation with Kaleb after the game.

Myk has a store that sells his Rubber Band Guns in Big Bear, and was able to deliver an order and visit with the owner, Gladys.  I had to laugh at a sign she had hanging in her store. "If you Steal, God will see you, and Gladys might!" 

Since I post a lot of pictures of Kaleb, I wanted to share another picture of Elijah.  He is on the Water Polo Team, but because of the schedule of there games, Grandpa and I haven't been able to see him play.  I liked this picture with the flag in the background.  Love these boys!


  1. Kids and grand-kids --one of the great joys in life! Just got back from son's wedding a couple of hours ago. Two days up, two days there and two days back but worth every moment. Had a fabulous time. I'll be sharing details on Flamblogger soon.

  2. Nice to see Elijah!

    Love that pic of the grandpas and Kaleb after the game. Don looks like he's saying, "Why do you look so tired?" hahaha

  3. what a good looking family! oh you must be so very proud!!!!!! Hugs!

  4. Your grandsons are already grown ups ! I just have a 23 MONTHS old grandson, lol he is far away from playing football which in any case is not well known at all. Here it's football = soccer ! Very nice family pictures.

  5. Great family ~ but don't see your dog on your blog? What am I missing?

  6. What a blessing your family is. So happy you are near to them and enjoy watching their activities.


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