Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Recently Don and I watch the movie "We Bought a Zoo".  A delightful movie, and when we reached Jill and Jaya's home realized they were living in their own Zoo.   Every morning the deer, several mom's and fawns came through the front or back yard.  This morning they were in the front yard, but didn't see the fawns this day.  They have forest in the front and back, and so do most of the neighbors, so the deer roam free and without fear of the humans.  The potted plant is on the porch so you can see how close they are.

Jill's husband is "one with these animals" and they look forward to the apples he gives them.

He also has several "rescued" friends.  This colorful rooster, and below a picture of the rooster and hen in his little garden area.

Not a very good shot of the little hen as she was busy finding something to eat.

Jaya also has a pair of pheasants he has rescued and is raising.  Beautiful colors and he feel safe in his strong but gentle hands.

And then there is another kind of animals in Jill's Zoo....namely 3 cats.  Two stayed away but this one was brave, and told Molly where to get off!! HaHa.  They had several "stare downs"  but never really made friends.  The cat was as big as Molly and let her know this was HER home.

Every day was an adventure with Jill and Jaya.   So much to see and do.  The time went way to fast, but so many wonderful pictures and memories to last a lifetime.


  1. So nice to see that they are one with the animals. I didn't realize pheasants were so colorful -- always thought they were rather brownish. Hope you are having a good day. Tammy

    1. This particular pheasant is called a "Golden Pheasant". Yes very colorful.

  2. So fun to be around all these animals! I would have been out there making friends with the deer too. The golden pheasant has beautiful coloring.

  3. I love that deer are always coming to visit. How wonderful. What a fun visit. I am totally in love with their kitty!

  4. I love seeing all the animals. We have 4 rescue cats and my late mom's mini dachshund. They bring us a lot of laughs and joy daily!


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