Monday, August 6, 2012


We will be leaving Friday for the coast of Oregon to visit our youngest daughter and her husband.  We are so looking forward to this visit, since we have not seen their home, and the forest and wildlife that she sees on a daily basis.

I have made my lists, and the little green gift bags of goodies are ready for the family and friends we will be spending a night with on our way.  At our age, we really don't like driving "straight through" anymore, and will enjoy spending a night with family and friends along the way. 

Some of my canvas bags are laid out for packing the small stuff.

This yard of berry print material is from my blog friend.  She knew Jill and I are going to make homemade berry jam while I'm there, and gave me the material so we can cut circles and put cute little tops on the jam and tie with a ribbon so we can give as cute homemade gifts.

Molly gets to go with us this time as our friends and family are all "dog friendly".  She will be excited as soon as she sees her suitcase on the bed.


  1. That will be a fun visit and your friend gave you the fabulous berry print cloth to use with your home made jam as covers. Very thoughtful.

  2. Oooo, that material is just perfect for the jam jars. What a thoughtful thing your friend did for you.
    Can't wait Wanda. Only a few more days.
    Just to make sure we are home and don't miss the call, evening would be best.
    If you need the number again I will message you via FB.
    Just to say that the weather people are saying that the weekend will be 100F. or more. PTL for AC!!

    1. I do have your numbers, and will call Wednesday evening.

      Will be wearing cool clothes!

  3. Oh, it is so exciting to get ready for a trip... especially one to visit loved ones! That material is PERFECT for making covers for your homemade jams! Counting down the days... tanna

  4. Enjoy your trip! Oregon is on my bucket list of places to visit so one day I may be enjoying the wildlife too! LOL :-)

  5. You and Don have a wonderful trip! I hear that the state of Oregon is a beautiful state especially along the coast. I know that your daughter is filled with excitement too!

  6. Happy trails and safe travels Wanda!


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