Saturday, August 4, 2012

Little Jack going to a Shelter.

This is the final update on Captain Jack.  The following is what my daughter put on face book today. 

"My son found a baby sparrow probably just a couple days old, and unable to locate the nest he brought the little guy home. So around the clock for the last 10 days I cared for this tiny guy my son named Captain Jack. Last night we felt it best to take him to a shelter where he could receive the best care and rehabilitation. My head knows it was the right thing to do, but my heart has an empty spot. I sure do miss that little guy."

I wasn't even involved in his care, and I miss him.  Amazing how something so small and helpless can capture your heart.  I truly hope he makes it at the shelter.


  1. best of luck to little Jack,

  2. Aw...I just know he will do well. She got him through the hard part! I'm sure he will miss her, though!

  3. How bittersweet.
    I pray that Captain Jack keeps growing and will be happy in his new home.

  4. When my daughter was little she always brought all sorts of little critters home to care for. Birds grow fast so I think he will be just fine at the shelter and before long flying with the others.

  5. Awwwww.... I know your daughter will miss the little guy. I hope he does well, too!! blessings ~ tanna


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