Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Recently Don and I watch the movie "We Bought a Zoo".  A delightful movie, and when we reached Jill and Jaya's home realized they were living in their own Zoo.   Every morning the deer, several mom's and fawns came through the front or back yard.  This morning they were in the front yard, but didn't see the fawns this day.  They have forest in the front and back, and so do most of the neighbors, so the deer roam free and without fear of the humans.  The potted plant is on the porch so you can see how close they are.

Jill's husband is "one with these animals" and they look forward to the apples he gives them.

He also has several "rescued" friends.  This colorful rooster, and below a picture of the rooster and hen in his little garden area.

Not a very good shot of the little hen as she was busy finding something to eat.

Jaya also has a pair of pheasants he has rescued and is raising.  Beautiful colors and he feel safe in his strong but gentle hands.

And then there is another kind of animals in Jill's Zoo....namely 3 cats.  Two stayed away but this one was brave, and told Molly where to get off!! HaHa.  They had several "stare downs"  but never really made friends.  The cat was as big as Molly and let her know this was HER home.

Every day was an adventure with Jill and Jaya.   So much to see and do.  The time went way to fast, but so many wonderful pictures and memories to last a lifetime.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


What a view to pick wild black berries.  Waves crashing in the background, the smell of the ocean.  It was perfect.

 Jill's husband Jaya forged a trail for us so we didn't get hung up in the thorns.  He's quite the berry picker too.  His bucket filled really fast.

I love this picture of Jill with her braids and walking in the tall grass, I could hear "The Sound of Music"  as I watched her...HaHa
I did my share of picking too, and it was worth every poke and stick I got from the thorns.  While the rest of California was suffering with a record 108 we were comfortable in our sweats and scarves.  The weather of absolutely perfect in the high 60's and low 70's.

Back to the house to wash and clean the berries and get to work.  But first, we made a black berry cobbler, but it was gone before before I thought it grab the camera.  Believe me, it was heavenly!

With our sleeves rolled up we ended up with 6 medium jars and 12 small ones.  We labeled and delivered them to friends and family on the trip home.  Jill wanted the large jars to go to her siblings,so I will be personally delivering them.

There is still more to come...can't wait to share the deer that roam in Jill's back yard and forest.  Next installment of the Oregon trip coming soon.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


We had a wonderful reunion with my "little" brother Hal.  I was 10 years old when my mother told me we were going to have a baby.  It was like having a live baby doll to play with when he was little.  Now he towers above me, but he's still my baby brother.  He and his darling wife Becky work with an American Indian Preservation, and this beautiful little church is where they hold events.  I will be sharing a picture of his wife's and some of her amazing Indian Art on a post real soon and more about the work they do and this church and the rectory.

We were treated like royalty and enjoyed their 5th Wheel, as they were doing some remodeling in their home.   Nice to visit and eat with them and then have the privacy of our own little "Motel"
for the night.  Wake up...make a pot of coffee and then go over to the house for breakfast and more good visiting.

Like my father, my brother has a "Green Hand"....more than a thumb (haha)  We had wonderful meals with them straight from the garden.  Egg plant, tomatoes, squash, and fresh herbs.  Yummy!

This is a view of their yard from the 5th Wheel.  Just love that rock fence.  They have three delightful dogs...and Molly did quite well adjusting to the youngest one, Bubba...who followed her around and wanted to play all the time.

We made several stops at friends and family on our way to Jill's, but this reunion with my brother and sil was so special as I had not seen him for many years.

Over the next few days I will be sharing more from our perfect vacation.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Heading home after a marvelous time with our daughter, Jill and her hubby, my brother and sil, meeting a cousin I haven't seen in many years... Spending nights with friends along the way.

Have so many great pictures to share when I get home on my own computer. 

God is so travels, wonderful reunions with loved ones, meeting new friends, and having new experiences.  Can't wait to share some of those with all my blog family.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


There are times we take Molly with us, and times she had to stay in the Kennel when we are gone.  But as soon as I lay out my suitcase and start packing...don't turn your back, or something new will be in the suitcase pretending she's a furry sweater.

She's done this since she was little and she just celebrated her 8th birthday on July 30.  When I start putting her bed, and suitcase, food and toys in the middle of the floor, she relaxes and figures she going too.

Both friends and family on this trip to Oregon are pet friendly, so Molly will get to enjoy all the sights and sounds too.  She's a great traveler and once we are on the road...crawls in her bed and sleeps!!!

Taking our laptop, so might get to check in once in a while.  Also I have scheduled some things to post automatically.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have quite a collection of scarves.  I love them and especially in the winter, as they are so warm and comfy around your neck.  Also the new lightweight ones are great anytime of year and for places that have the air conditioners on Church, Restaurants, the Mall, etc.

I keep my scarves hanging on hooks on the back of my bedroom door.  I have such a nice variety and this isn't my winter scarves...they are in a drawer until the cold weather.  The most interesting one is on the left.  I love lace and my friend up North has this new yard and pattern for a very lacy scarf.  She also made me one in fall colors that's hanging in the back, not visible in this picture.

You can see I'm wearing one of them in the picture of me and my sister, Donna.

Jill said the temperature in Oregon is in the 60's....Wow, today it's over 100 here.  I will be packing my scarves!!!!

Do you like scarves?  Do you wear them year round?

Monday, August 6, 2012


We will be leaving Friday for the coast of Oregon to visit our youngest daughter and her husband.  We are so looking forward to this visit, since we have not seen their home, and the forest and wildlife that she sees on a daily basis.

I have made my lists, and the little green gift bags of goodies are ready for the family and friends we will be spending a night with on our way.  At our age, we really don't like driving "straight through" anymore, and will enjoy spending a night with family and friends along the way. 

Some of my canvas bags are laid out for packing the small stuff.

This yard of berry print material is from my blog friend.  She knew Jill and I are going to make homemade berry jam while I'm there, and gave me the material so we can cut circles and put cute little tops on the jam and tie with a ribbon so we can give as cute homemade gifts.

Molly gets to go with us this time as our friends and family are all "dog friendly".  She will be excited as soon as she sees her suitcase on the bed.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


The Animal Shelter called our daughter this afternoon to tell them Captain Jack has passed away this morning.  It's really not what any of us expected.  We thought he'd make it!

With my daughter feeling so guilty for taking to him to the Shelter her daughter gave her some words of wisdom.... "Mom, you gave that little bird your entire love for 10 days.  You loved him, and he loved you back.  He came into the world a Sparrow, and left "A LOVE BIRD".

Several years ago, I painted these "Love Birds" for a Christmas Card.....Today I dedicated it to our little Love Bird, Captain Jack.  You made us all appreciate God's little wonders.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Little Jack going to a Shelter.

This is the final update on Captain Jack.  The following is what my daughter put on face book today. 

"My son found a baby sparrow probably just a couple days old, and unable to locate the nest he brought the little guy home. So around the clock for the last 10 days I cared for this tiny guy my son named Captain Jack. Last night we felt it best to take him to a shelter where he could receive the best care and rehabilitation. My head knows it was the right thing to do, but my heart has an empty spot. I sure do miss that little guy."

I wasn't even involved in his care, and I miss him.  Amazing how something so small and helpless can capture your heart.  I truly hope he makes it at the shelter.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Tonight, after running an errand near this park, we stopped to let Molly enjoy some new trees and smells.  Isn't that what a dog live for?? HaHa.

It's a large lovely park just a few minutes from our house.  Don't know why we haven't enjoyed it more.  Molly really liked it, so I'm sure we'll go back.

Lots of green grass, big trees, and big rocks.  I had Don take my picture behind this tree so you could see just how big it is.  It's three large trunks coming out of one.

Our trip to Oregon to see Jill is only a week away.  I've been collecting my canning jars, as Jill and I plan to make blackberry jam while we're there.  It black berry season so that should be fun, and I'll come home with homemade jam.

What does you weekend look like?

Thursday, August 2, 2012


How many times have you just looked at someone, and they say "WHAT?"  I can't believe how many times I hear it.  But when I was scrolling through my recent pictures of our great grandsons, I just started laughing at this picture of Matthew, and said if I was going to put a caption on this on, it would be one word.  "WHAT?"

When was the last time someone said it to you?  Or, when was the last time you said it!!  This is my new response. HaHa


Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Captain Jack has made it past the critical 10 days and is thriving!  He loves being held, and is sleeping through the night, and eating time is stretching out longer between feedings. He's getting more feathers, and continue to respond to my daughter's voice.  She was reading about the coloring and when he gets more feathers, they may have to change it's name to Captain Jackie.

You can see he eats from a little paint brush and is trying his little legs crawling around the box and trying to grip his little feet on my daughter's finger.  Julie wraps him in a Kleenex and puts him in her blouse and gets her housework done.  He sleeps and feels the warmth of her body and I swear, if that little guy could talk, he would say "Julie, are you my Mother?"  It's hard work, but she's committed.  Getting to sleep all night helps.  More updates to follow.