Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Today I experienced two very sad things.  The first was a video sent from a friend called "Send in the Clowns" showing all the "old time" comedians that were funny and clean.  Ones we watched every week, and laughed our socks off.
This video is so worth watching, but made me sad because we don't have Clowns anymore.  Every sitcom on TV is either vulgar in language, or innuendos, or immoral in it's attempt to be funny.  I wish we had some old fashioned clowns.  Watch the video, it's only the length of the song, but I think you will understand where I'm coming from.
My little House Finches visit every day.
The second sad thing today, was Molly found a little baby house finch that had fallen from the nest and didn't make it.  So small and frail as it laid in my hand.  Didn't even have all his feathers yet.  I gently told the little bird that the Heavenly Father sees every bird that falls, and he cares for His creation.  How it reminded me that I too am in the loving care of my Heavenly Father, no matter what the circumstances I find myself in.  I wonder if all the little birds that didn't make it, are flying around among the flower in Heaven.  Just thinking out loud. 

The Lord was watching over me this morning and I have good news with my Annual Mammogram...All is well.  After 3 years, I'm still cancer free.  If you look for it...we can always find something to praise the Lord for.  Thank You Lord, for the good report today.


  1. glad to hear about your good report....
    I miss the clowns too...Larry and I spent many a date night watching TV at home with mom and dad. I can't imagine doing that now...the programs are like you described and even the commercials are porn-like. We've been married many many years and being modest was so ingrained into me as a little girl...I get embarassed when some commercials come on the tv now and it's just Larry and me in the room!

    1. Wish we could go back....but we can't so I pray daily for my grandkids and that the Lord will put a wall of protection around them in this old world.

  2. So true about the comedians! Seems out TV is either on sports or the news...everything else is off color and really not funny at all...I can't remember the last time I watched a sitcom and thought it was in good taste.

    Poor baby bird. Loved your thoughts here about it. Even though we know God sees them fall, I doubt that we would think that much about it if he didn't specifically point it out to us in scripture.

    So nice about your mammogram....I'm due for one ...probably will wait til the boys are in school.

    1. Betsy, so true...we judge a lot by Scripture don't we. I'm glad I base my life on the Word.

      It was intersting as Molly was very gentle when she found the little dead bird.

    2. His eye is on the sparrow...

      Glad to hear about the good report on your health.
      Sorry to hear about the little bird, that always rips my heart out too.

      But as for the comedians...well, it may be true that the stuff on TV is generally pretty lurid stuff...but rest assured that little kid KNOCK-KNOCK jokes are still alive and well.

      Kids still laugh when somebody accidently squirts milk out his nose after a sneeze.

      Kids still laugh at balloon animals, and shadow puppets on the wall, and they still dig in sandboxes.

      Humor may have changed...but JOY has remained the same.

      Blessings to you and yours.

      In Him,

    3. I am so glad about your mamogram - God is good. I do want you here another 71 years. LUV U

  3. Such awful stuff on TV nowadays. I try to find travelogues or something like that. So glad to hear of the mammogram results.

  4. We basically lost all TV reception when it had to go digital, and haven't bothered to invest in doing anything about it. Don't really miss it. My husband watches old shows on DVD, and we get all the news we need via computer. Sure did enjoy some of the comedians we watched years ago!
    PTL for your good report!

  5. Three years! That is something to celebrate and thank the Lord!

    That Molly is such a good little doggie! I love her for being so gentle with the baby bird.

    I so agree about the clowns and the entertainment industry today.

    Oh, and I love your little bird sanctuary! It is so cute!

  6. Hmmm, I thought I commented on your blog a few days ago.
    I don't know what happened.
    We definitely need some old fashioned clowns. Most of what is on TV is just vulgar. I saw an ad for a new show called The New Normal...what a message is being taught to us through the media. Sad and needs lots of prayer.

    1. The New Normal...ain't NORMAL is it Sue. Oh it breaks my heart...I think what's ahead for our grandchildren...It's a War, and if we can win some daily battles we just have to stay alert and on our knees. Love you Sue... Love your heart and compassion.

      Sue you posted a comment on the fb copy I made of this. I got that comment.

  7. Dear Wanda,I do agree the world was once a more innocent place.
    I love the old comedy shows that I grew up with and wish they were still around. Most of the shows today are rooted in vulgar humor.
    Wonderful news that you received from your check up.
    I will keep you in my prayers. Blessings friend. Catherine xo


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