Sunday, July 29, 2012


We got to see our great grandsons, Issac and Matthew, this weekend as they are moving into a new home.  They have a huge back yard, and since it's not landscaped yet, two little boys were in heaven with a hose, a old ice chest, and a whole lot of mud!

I got a wonderful welcome as they know me as Grandma GG, who brings cookies!!  And I did!

We also had the pleasure this weekend to attend a Worship Service where another grandson, Elijah played his guitar with the Praise Band.  Our son Myk played the drums, but it was to dark in the room to get a shot of him.  So fun to see him behind the drums again.  Reminded us of all those days he played in our garage growing up.  Blessing on top of blessings.

How was your weekend?


  1. mine was quiet, sounds like you had a super weekend.

  2. Kids just love playing with hosepipes on hot days and who can blame them. How's jack Sparrow doing. They imprint you as you are the one feeding them I would imagine he'll be around you for a while. You'll have to watch out for cats though as he will have no natural fears.

    1. Hi Dave ~ How nice to have you stop by...Oh yes, those boys were having so much fun.

      Little Jack Sparrow has made it another day, and you are so right, this little guys knows my daughter, Julie is his mother.

  3. haha...oh, the mud looks so fun! ha.

    The praise band sounds great...and to have family members in it is even better! :)

    I have a feeling I'll be grandma with the cookies, too, some day! :) How fun!

    1. They are probably hoping their parents decide to leave the back yard a mud hole..haha.

      Oh yes...Grandma Betsy, or maybe just grandma "B" will be making cookies, and with your talent for special ones... I can just imagine.

  4. Replies
    1. You know I added these to my 1000 gift journal. Blessing that melt the heart of a Grandma.


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