Saturday, July 7, 2012


What is the world is an "Adult Cookie?"  The reason I call these adult, is because my grandchildren wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole, as the old saying goes.  When I make Chocolate Chip, that all they want in them....Chocolate nuts, etc.  And when I make Oatmeal....for heaven's sake DON'T add raisins or nuts and ruin them.  Snicker doodles and Peanut butter...Plain Please!! 

Today ~ I didn't have any grand kids over, and since I'm still standing better than sitting, decided to make some cookies, I would like, and put everything in them but the kitchen sink.

Basic Oatmeal cookie recipe...then I added
  • Nuts
  • chocolate chips
  • sugar coated dates cubes
  • Natures Path Organic Granola
  • that has pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, peanuts and rolled oats.
Now is that an ADULT cookie or what?
How do they taste...As Aunt Trula would say if she were still with us...."HEAVENLY".

I'm taking a plate of them too Church and see if my "R" rated cookies can come to Church. HaHa.  Also taking some plain chocolate chip cookies for the kids.

Blessings and love and a Great Sunday!


  1. I like oatmeal cookies with coconut and raisins. :)

    I once had a recipe for very yummy peanut butter chocolate chip cookies with raisins and the little boy I babysat told me there was something "nasty" in his cookie. He didn't like raisins. Poor child!

  2. yummy!!! I like the sound of these!!!

  3. Sound delish....
    Dave can't have the nuts but everything else is the perfect "Adult" cookie for us.

  4. No coconut or raisins - love cookies.

  5. That is typical of so many kids I have known, --no nuts no raisins -- nothing but the chocolate chips. I'll take them any way I can find them!

  6. they sound delicious!Save one for me!!!!!! I do love oatmeal cookies!

  7. Yum. They sound delicious! I would love them! Taylor will eat nuts in cookie but won't touch them if they have raisins, craisins, coconut or dates in them. ha.

    Those are healthy enough for breakfast, I'd say...just like eating fruit/granola!

  8. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie: Heaven on Earth! :)

  9. This is just the sort of cookies my husband would make and my children would roll their eyes at. You're making me want to get out my cookie pans now.

  10. Love this, Wanda! Back when I was baking cookies, if I wanted them to last, I would add nuts. I could be sure that our son would not touch them. =) Cher

  11. In describing "adult cookies" with my sister she was waiting for me to tell which body part your cookie cutter was in. I assured her that was not in your reciepe. Thout you would enjoy the laugh.

    1. HaHaHa ~ Oh my goodness, I'm rolling on the floor laughing...that is just so hilarious. Tell your sister, I got a knee slapping belly laugh over that one. No adult cookies for you Young man.

    2. BTW Don said to tell you the Jaq is one beautiful car...


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