Sunday, June 3, 2012


Our Tahoe memories are almost as old as our oldest grandson Michael who is now  25.  The first time we stayed at the cabin, he couldn't have been over 4 years old.  For him, memories of a lifetime.

Our friends who own the cabin started letting us use it when we first started our Ministry in Northern CA.  Over the years, all our children and grandchildren have been able to come up and make memories.

Sometimes it was summer and the beach and boating.  Sometimes it was winter, and building snowmen, playing in the snow or snowboarding.

How do you say thank you to that kind of friendship and generosity?  They are such wonderful and giving people, and they truly shared in memories of a lifetime for our family.

As I was soaking up some sunshine this afternoon, was reminiscing over all the fun times we've shared here and how after a week in Tahoe, we were always relaxed and refreshed to head back to the Valley and the work of the Ministry.


  1. You're right ...that is a priceless gift! How wonderful to have a lifetime of memories like that...and I think it's neat that you have winter and summer memories, too! And look at your cute feet! that shot...and the clouds in the next one! Just lovely! There's nothing like a little R&R to rejuvenate you!

  2. What beautiful, blue water. It looks like Hawaii! How nice to have friends like that! What wonderful , priceless memories!

  3. Memories are precious indeed, if they are good memories. Your photos are very lovely! Have a great week Wanda!
    Wil, ABC Team.

  4. such wonderful people...and they really are good friends! what a wonderful place to have memories from - thanks to your photos i have put this beautiful place on my Wish List!
    Hugs, hope you are enjoying that view!


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