Saturday, June 30, 2012


It's amost time to close the drawing.  You still have time.  The names that have come in are printed and ready to put in the cookie jar.

Drawing closes at 9:30 PM tonight, and the names will go into the cookie jar, and my dearest will draw out a winner.  I will post that name on my blog Monday Morning.

Good Luck to all! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


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It's been a while since I did a fun drawing for a set of my Watercolor Note cards.  In fact, my inventory was really low, and  since I love to write personal notes, I needed to get a new supply from my the gal who does my printing.

It's easy to enter...just leave a comment expressing you want in on the drawing, and your name will be put in my "Cookie Jar".  The drawing will close Saturday night 9 pm.  I will put all the names entered in my extra cookie jar and I will let my husband (who is very honest) pull out a name and I will post the winner, Monday, July 2nd. 

When the winner name is announced, just send me your mailing address on my email...and your cards will be in the mail.

Who will be the first to enter????

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


When the sign says "BEWARE, DONKEY BITES" you should listen!  When we were in Hawaii several years ago,  I wanted to visit a coffee plantation or mill.  So as we drove around the big Island we came to the "Bad Ass Coffee Mill" and stopped to visit and buy some coffee.  The "mascot" was in a pen and one side had a low wire fence, as you can see.  The sign saying that the donkey bites was rather small, and he looked so gentle and cute I got a little closer to take the picture.  Right after I got this shot, I felt pain and that darn donkey took a big bite right on my boob!  There were several people witnessing this, and unfortunately were so surprise as I yelled "Ouch, he bit me" no one got a picture, and I think I dropped my camera.

When we got back to the motel room, I decided since we didn't get a picture of this memorable moment, I would make a quick sketch and watercolor.  I did get a rather ugly bruise, but nothing worse.  I must say, though I'm not too thrilled with the name of the mill, the coffee is delicious, and can actually be ordered on line.

I know I learned my lesson, and if a sign says "Beware" I take it seriously!

Monday, June 25, 2012


1941 My parents came to California from Oklahoma.  Mom's parents, and her sister and husband moved to California a year earlier.  My dad said mom cried every day, wanted to move to California and be close to her family.  (Boy do I understand that!).  So with my mom 6 months pregnant with me, and my big sister Donna age 5, they came to California, and the note on the back of the picture, says "Our first home in California (1941)

My dear Dad, a 6th grade education, but a brilliant mind, hard working, and a notion he could do anything!  Thus, when I was three years old, he had completed this home, built from scratch with his own two hands.  It was a modest home, two bedrooms, small bathroom, living room and dining room and a little kitchen that reminds me of my little retirement cottage kitchen.  It was my home until I left for college in 1959.

Doesn't that remind you of pictures I posted of me in my kitchen.  Now you know where I get my love of cooking, aprons, and spending time in my kitchen making cookies!

I thank God everyday for my humble beginnings, and the lessons learned from my parents, of hard work, determination, believing in your dreams.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


To celebrate our actual Anniversary date, June 24, 1961, I thought it might be fun to see us "Through the Years"...We were married in Turlock, CA in the First Baptist Church where I had gone since childhood.  The Church I embraced Jesus as my Lord and Savior, the Church where I was baptized and where I felt the call as a teenager to go serve in the in the Ministry.  With that goal in mind, headed to Biola University in La Mirada, CA where I met, fell in love, and married this young man studying to be a Pastor.  My goal of ministry was set...I would serve with my husband for 47 years in several different churches, the last 27 years in Hughson CA.

Fast forward to 1981.  This is what we looked like when we came to Hughson.

I wasn't kidding when I said I was a "redhead", and note those curls ( a perm of course)
 and the girly girl look as always.  And isn't he a dashing young Pastor!

And NOW 2012, Just a couple of old folks with young people inside trying to get out!! Kenny Rogers' sing a song ~ Through the Years....that's our story.

Happy Anniversary Don ~ I hope we have a lot more years to go through together.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Desconso Gardens in the Summer

My first trip to Descanso Gardens this summer proved to be delightful.  The colors were just magnificent.

Mother Goose, and the children (which by the way have really grown since my last trip) were having a little swim in the pond.  Later they came up on shore for a photo shoot (I'll be sharing later)

This is the view in the Court Yard, where I sat and enjoyed the sounds of nature, and the cool breeze.

On my walk along the path I found these boys intently watching for little frogs to catch.  But so far the frogs were faster. 

Before my walk through the gardens with my camera, I sat and got caught up on some reading, eating apple slices and being grateful for my retired life.  God is good all the time, and then some.  These gardens certainly reflect his Creation and Beauty.

BYW the daisies in my header were taken today also.  I just adore daisies.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The proof is in the "Picture"...  I was born with straight hair!  But every picture of me as a little girl I have curls. 

I remember asking my mom when I was in High School, when my hair went straight, as ALL the pictures of me as a child, I have curly hair.  She starting laughing, and said from the time I could talk I wanted my hair curled.  So she did.  Rollers, pin curls, perms..whatever it took to make this little redhead happy. 

Besides curls, I loved dresses and ruffles and again...several pictures of me show fancy dresses.  Notice how I'm holding the skirt so you can get the full picture, HaHa.

Well, those of you who know me personally, can confirm, I'm still a "Girly Girl" and have curly hair (perms) and still love my ruffles and lace. Never go anywhere without my lipstick!!!  Somethings you just don't outgrow!!!

How about you...a girly girl, or a tomboy?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Eating on vacation is one of the pleasures of life, but now that we're home, it's "Back on Track" with healthy eating!

My favorite is grilled fish, salad and veggies.  Hopefully those few pounds that jumped on will be worked off soon as I went back to YMCA today and don't plan to miss a day this week.  Tomorrow Zumba Gold.  

How do you keep pounds from jumping on in the summer?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

This handsome young man is our grandson, Kaleb, Myk's oldest son.  He will be a Senior in September, and has been chosen Captain and Quarter Back for his Varsity High School Football Team.

Way to go Kaleb!  You will be in our prayers for your safety, and we'll be at your games to cheer you on.  Nice Jacket!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012


This lovely Hydrangea has a story to tell.  Given to me in April 2009  after surgery it's blooms were dark blue and I planted it beside the house.  Evidently, it was the wrong place and it completely died down twice...I was ready to toss it when I decided to try once more...moved it to the other side of the yard and planted it in a large cement pot I had....well, it likes it's new home.  This is what I found when we got back from vacation!!!  Now her new look is pink blooms!

We spent the night in Bakersfield with Don's cousin and her "Donut" peach tree was so heavy with fruit, two limbs broke.

So sad to see the limbs breaking...but what a crop of peaches it's producing.  That San Joaquin Valley produces a lot of food and fruit.

Donut peaches look like someone "squashed" them, but oh how sweet that white meat is.  Can't wait to have them sliced over ice cream.  Perfect timing for our Father's Day BBQ tomorrow.
It's really good to be home!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


 We took our last walk downtown before packing up and heading for home.  We've had a great vacation.  Wonder why the Blues Brothers are so happy to see us leave!! Down right rude...haha.

 Should we drive, or take the bike??  That's one bike I don't think I could get on...but we saw several kids climb to the top to get a picture.
 We are celebrating our 51st Wedding Anniversary a little early (June 24), but what better place than Tahoe to celebrate.  I made a heart in the sand, lined it with pine cones.  I told my dearest this was his card!!

 We had a wonderful dinner at the Chart House overlooking the lake and the food was delicious, and the dessert...sinfully good!

Friday, June 8, 2012


 Because the Cabin faces the lake, we are tempted to only take pictures of it as the beauty the Lake Tahoe is breathtaking.  So many different colors of water and variety of boat going by.  But there is more...Don took a walk just behind the cabin and shot this picture of the Golf Course.. Very nice.
 Behind the cabin is a very different look.  Don caught a picture of this animal hiding in the trees... I think she's harmless.
 This is the path to the main road from the Cabin...This scene always reminds me of the verse....Direct my path O Lord....
 In town we found another animal...He wasn't hiding, but has been standing in that position for years...No wonder, he a statue!
There are statues of huge bikes, taller than me all over Tahoe in recgognition of the Bike Race around the lake.

Last weekend, 3,600 bike riders road the 72 mile run around Lake Tahoe. We couldn't believe the amount of bicycles that were in the Horizon Casino parking lot where the finish line was. Ever so often you would hear hoops and hollers as riders crossed the line. It was very exhilarating!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


 Tonight's menu was Taco's.  Whenever I make Taco's I want good old re fried beans from scratch.  So the beans cooked in the crock pot all day, and when I was ready to mash them....a potato masher was NOT be be found in the cabin!  After searching every drawer and cabinet, this was the only item that looked like it might work.

With a little "elbow grease" and several minutes, I was able to mash those pinto beans enough to look and taste right for the tacos.

I'm not quite sure what this "tool" is, but resembles a wooden pedestal my mom had in a colander used to make jelly???

Wish I had taken a picture of the tacos....they were yummy, but all gone before I thought of the camera.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Our Tahoe memories are almost as old as our oldest grandson Michael who is now  25.  The first time we stayed at the cabin, he couldn't have been over 4 years old.  For him, memories of a lifetime.

Our friends who own the cabin started letting us use it when we first started our Ministry in Northern CA.  Over the years, all our children and grandchildren have been able to come up and make memories.

Sometimes it was summer and the beach and boating.  Sometimes it was winter, and building snowmen, playing in the snow or snowboarding.

How do you say thank you to that kind of friendship and generosity?  They are such wonderful and giving people, and they truly shared in memories of a lifetime for our family.

As I was soaking up some sunshine this afternoon, was reminiscing over all the fun times we've shared here and how after a week in Tahoe, we were always relaxed and refreshed to head back to the Valley and the work of the Ministry.