Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Our son, Myk has always loved working with wood, and when he was in Junior High school, made his own skateboard.  It was unique since he put it all together, painted it clued on the tar paper and attached the special wheels.  He was very proud of his work, and so was I.

We were serving in a Church in Bell Gardens, CA and the kids would go to the Church where Dad was working, and do there homework.  After homework Myk would ride his skateboard in the church parking lot.  One day, for whatever reason, stuck his skateboard behind the bushes by the church and went inside for a while.  You guessed it?  When he came back for his board it was GONE!

Myk knew he should never have left it outside, as the Church was not is the best of neighborhoods and things at the Church had been stolen before.  He was heartsick, but realized it was the consequence of not taking better care of his board and would never see it again.l

After that we always kept an eye out for that unique skateboard....but nothing.  Then one day months later I was driving by the Church and saw a kid on Myk's board!  I put on the brakes, and yelled at the boy.  He stopped in surprise as I jumped out of the car!!

"That's my son's skateboard" I said with amazing authority!  "Where did you get it?"
I think I almost scared the pants off the young man, as he said trembling, "I bought it from a guy".  He said he didn't know the person's name he bought it from, but told me he paid $20. for it.  Since I was bigger than the kid, and determined to get Myk's skateboard back, I took the board from is hand, and gave him $20.  As I calmed down, I told him how much work Myk had put into the board, that he had created it and loved it and wanted it back.
He walked off with his $20 and I walked back to my car with Myk's board!

What a reminder....God created us and loved us.  Then we were lost, and he sought us and then bought us back with a high price when he died on the Cross. I'm so glad He did!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


The year was 1946.  I was five and had been in Sunday School since I was three.  We had some wonderful Sunday School teachers and I loved hearing the Bible stories.  But this particular Sunday, I must have been day dreaming or coloring my picture and not listening very well.

When we got home, my Dad in dinner conversation ask me what my Sunday School teacher taught me.  Drawing a blank....a quick witted 5 year old blurted out "MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB".  My Dad was a loving and patient man, but he had no patience for lying!!! None!!!  So I still remember the sting on my little legs as I got my first spanking. Had I been a little quicker with my wit, I would have said Jesus had a little lamb!!  :)

But I needed to learned two valuable lessons that day.

Listen to your Sunday School Teacher
If you mess up and don't listen ~~DON'T LIE!

Who ever said childhood was easy, HaHa!!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Short Story 1961

May 1961 ~ One month before we would day "I do".  Now 51 years later I look back and I didn't have a clue what the future would bring.  I knew two things for sure.  I was deeply in love, and wanted to spend the rest of my life with this man.

Would you like to see your future?  Really?  I look back now, and if I had been told what laid ahead would I have made the same decision?  Would I have seen tragedy, car accidents, heart attacks, breast cancer, drugs, death.....God is so gracious to let us see one day at a time.  He knows we could never handle the slices of bad and ugly that happen in every life.

Today, I'm still deeply in love with this man and because we have been through so much together, the ups the downs, the trials, we've learned and grown strong.  Because we could not see the future, we could trust in a Good God, to get us through those difficult times...one day at a time.

When my mother was in her last days with cancer, she would listen to Johnny Ray Watson sing "One Day at a Time Sweet Jesus".....but that's another short story for another time.

Thanks for taking a minute or two to hear a short story from my life.