Monday, May 23, 2016


My camera is still missing...but "Thanks Hon" using your camera will keep me blogging until I can find mine, or invest in a new one.  It's really different, but I will adjust. (HaHa)

Dinner tonight was an experiment that turned out very tasty!  I bought white albacore tuna burgers at Trader Joe's and tried them tonight.  The experiment was the pineapple salsa that is completely covering my burger on a lettuce leaf.  Added a baked sweet potato and we enjoyed a healthy tasty meal.

When I was at the Ladies workshop on appetizers last week, I was really impressed with the mango salsa.  I wanted to make it but didn't have a mango.  I did, however, have a couple cups of fresh pineapple and wanted a sweet salsa for my tuna burger.  So this is how I made it.


2 Cups fresh pineapple chunks
1/3 Cup chopped red onion
1 chopped jalapeno chili (seeds and spine removed)
1/2 Cup chopped cilantro
1 tablespoon lemon juice

Because I love fresh pineapple, I will use it instead of the mango in the future.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


"See that plane, honey...Martha is heading home" 

Martha is in the sky...flying from sea to shinning sea.  She will land in NY tonight, and she is missed.  Since I have not found my camera, this is a shot Martha took and downloaded into my computer when we were at the Galleria Courtyard.

She downloaded all her pictures, so I do have a pictures of her trip and our fun day trips.

The house is so quiet without us laughing, sharing our hearts and enjoying the yummy pure maple syrup and rain forest crunch coffee she brought us.

Blog friends are special.  All of them, but it's a special treat to meet one in person.  If you have not, I hope you get to some day.  I've put on my bucket list to see if I can meet a few more in person.

How many have you met ~  was it a good experience, or not so good.  Oops...maybe you better not say...HaHa.    

Thursday, May 19, 2016


One mystery solved, 2 more to go!  Why do I think I'm losing it? I can't find my camera.   I can't find my makeup bag that I carry in my purse.  I had them both Saturday, and downloaded my pictures so know I had it then.  Fast forward to Monday when we picked up Martha at LAX, and when I went to take a camera in my purse....then I went to put on some makeup bag in my purse.  (No worries...they both have to be at home...) we've looked for days and they are no where to be found!   So these pictures are from Martha's camera.  

We took a day trip to the Glendale Galleria  and the Cheesecake Factory.  How fun to spend a few days with a blog friend from the NY.

The last missing mystery is solved.  When we got home, I thought I put my sweater on the bed.  Later when it cooled off, I went to the bed and no sweater.  Looked on the couch, and told my dearest..."what is happening to me... I keep losing things".  I mentioned to Martha I couldn't find my sweater...she was sure she had seen it on the bed...HaHa  She also has a blue sweater, and packed mine in her suitcase.....We both had a good laugh...but I'm still puzzled to where my camera and make up bag are.

We've had a lot of fun, and Martha has posted pictures on fb, but for now..this is all I have.

PS.  My missing camera is old and held together with postage tape, so maybe it's time for a new one.  And a makeup bag and tube of lipstick is easy to replace.  But the mystery lingers....where????

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Today our church held a Ladies Spring Fling and it was so much fun.  You could choose from four workshops and I chose "Useless to Useful" and Jessica on the left was our instructor and one of our Pastor's daughter was her helper.  She was showing us how to make a reusable grocery bag out of an old tee shirt.  Very clever with NO sewing.

Using items like soup cans,  coffee cans, cat food cans to create all kinds of useful items for your desk or kitchen.  Also the many ways you can made something useful from toilet and paper towel rolls, crayons, and little tin mint boxes.  I'm NOT a craft person, but really got some good ideas.

The second work shop I attended was right up my alley!  Debbie and her helper showed us how to make five easy appetizers.  Three cold and two hot.  This one was Tex-Mex Won Tons.  Yummy!! 

When she was finished we got to sample all of them.  A Mango Salsa, Bacon wrapped water chestnuts..(so delicious), Tortilla Roll Ups and Ham and green onion roll ups.  They were all wonderful and easy.  I'm going to do them for my cooking class in June here at the Villa.

I didn't get a picture, but after the workshops and lunch, we had an excellent speaker, Cindy Lopez who share how to have a heart of joy and how to make a home of joy.  Very inspirational.  A great day with a great group of ladies.  I love our church.

PS ~ if you are interested in any of the recipes, let me know in your comment and I'll post them.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Yesterday we got a box in the mail from Jill.  She included a folder of Tristan's Art Work.  I miss not living close to this little guy and watching him grow and learning all these new things.  

He will be 3 next month, and talking like a little magpie.  When we Skype (which we do regularly) he calls of Grandpa and Grandma and shows us his toys and pictures.

Now my refrigerator is graced with Tristan's art work.  I have a grandma folder in my files that has pictures and cards from the grandchildren over these past 30 years.  So fun to look through it and see a card these high school and college kids have sent me when they were little tykes.

Life is good ~ Family is priceless!