Thursday, May 28, 2015


Congratulations Elijah.  

A hug from mom.  Her baby is out of high school.

A hug from dad, our son Myk.

Grandma and Grandpa ~ so very proud.  The ceremony was outdoors in the dearest's hat sure came in handy.

Myk made roasted corn yummy!

Chocolate cake with raspberry filling.  Double Yummy.

Graduating is hard work...just give me five minutes!  HaHa

Just love this shot of Elijah in Grandpa's hat!

He'll be going to college locally in the Nursing Program.
His brother Kaleb, heads back to Illinois in August to finish his last two years, also in the nursing program.

It will sure be nice to have nurses in the family in our old age.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


 Oh dear ~~ the Cookie Ministry had to make another change.  You cannot see the little sign on my door knob from the  bottom level.  So kids were coming up and down the stairs looking to see if the sign was out.   OK put on your thinking cap....Yes, lets make a little banner to hang over the side of the ledge on Cookie Day!

Banner is out, and Me and Molly are ready for the kids!

Well to my surprise I saw two little girls driving a spiffy pink car around the playground.  You never know what you'll find here.  HaHa.  Ducks in the swimming pool, and little girls driving a Barbie Car.

Just saved $25 and gave me self a pedicure.  What did I do with those savings...Used some of it for a new pair of flip flops.

Remember that cute valance I bought for the kitchen window.  Well what do you know.... I found a blouse with the same pretty cut outs.  Now I match my curtain when I'm in the kitchen...HaHaHa.


Monday, May 25, 2015


Buried somewhere in our storage closet on the balcony, I'm sure there are some flags.  But it was just too big a job to take out everything to look for them.  

A quick trip to the Dollar Store solved my problem and they came two in a package so the Tree House is an indication of our love and support and thanks to the many men and women who gave so much that we could have the freedom to fly our flag and sing God Bless America.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Southern California has many wonderful things...TRAFFIC is not one of them.  From our home you can take your pick of freeways.  The 605, 210, 10, 60 ~~~ and during commuter hours, you better take a picnic lunch.  We don't often need to be on the freeways at that time, but this morning we did.

 We really like the Auto place that has services my car for the past six years, so when it needs a service, we take it back to them.  Our appointment was 10 AM so we left at 9:00.  One good thing, we have the diamond lane, and if there are two or more of us in the car we can use it.  Usually that moves a lot faster than the other lanes.

How is the traffic where you live?

Monday, May 18, 2015


Sunday afternoon we had visitors at the Tree House.  Michel brought the great grandsons,  Matthew and Issac for some fun at the playground and snacks.  They are growing up so fast.  We had a lot of fun playing "Catch me if you Can" and I'm afraid I'm slower than I use to be...I never did catch Matthew.  HaHa.

Because I'm baking so many cookies for my "Cookie Ministry" at the Tree House, I enjoying this SHORTCUT.  After I make a batch of cookie dough,  I roll it into 4 logs, and wrap in plastic wrap.

Then I either freeze or refrigerate and when I'm ready to bake cookies, cut every inch, and place on the cookie sheet. I don't have to mess with making the dough or the clean up.

Years ago my mom had a recipe for "refrigerator cookies" that she rolled into a log and then cut and baked.  I can't find the recipe in my recipes...maybe I'll google it.