Friday, March 27, 2015


Molly cracks me up.  When she sees us getting our suitcases out for a trip, she always looks to see if her bed and denim bag are laid out too.

I was beginning to stack things in the living room to pack the car in the morning, and when I came in, she was in her bed, next to her suitcase.  This is her way of saying ~~ "I'm going ~ don't even think of leaving me behind."

She is a great traveler and I know Tristan is going to fall in love with her, and visa versa!!


I have joined the Tea Cup Exchange over at Stephanie's blog.  When I got home from a doctors appointment day, guess what was sitting by my front door?

Shannon got my name for the exchange.  What a fun filled and delightful box full of goodies.  Tons of bubble wrap so everything got here in pristine condition.

What a lovely tea cup and saucer and a cute handmade pink butterfly.

I love that she's from Texas and added a darling towel and a picture of Point Comfort, TX where she lives.

What a wonderful way to meet new blog friends.

Please click on Stephanie's name to see all the other participants,  Thanks you for Hosting this lovely party. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015


My first Easter ~ (1942)  I don't think I liked that bunny very much!!  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Tonight I made a Chicken Pot Pie and used my "pie bird" for the first time.  I bought it last year at a craft fair, and put it up in the cupboard and forgot all about it.

When I was looking for my Wondra Flour, I saw it and it worked perfect.  No leaking on the sides of the pie plate.  The steam came out his beak, and bubbled up around him.

Twelve and twenty black birds baked in a pie??...... NO just one!  HaHaHa.


Spent most of the week taking care of details for the trip.  And I was just tired and wanted a little "getaway".  I've been hearing that the new version of Cinderella was really good, so waved good bye to Don, and got to the early bird showing.

It's a very unique and lovely theatre in Old Town Monrovia. 

To get the Early Bird discount showing, I had to leave during commuter traffic....It wasn't too bad, my street is only a few miles down this busy freeway.

This was just such a nice theater, and always have early bird specials, this just might become a habit!!

Are you having a good Wednesday?