Friday, December 19, 2014


Guess what I'm making?

Yes, my mom's recipe for English Toffee.  A Christmas Tradition at our house.

Last evening was the Christmas Dinner at the Clubhouse and celebration of December birthdays.  There were several, and my dearest was one of them.

A box filled with wonderful things arrived at our front door yesterday.  Our friends from up North sending Christmas Love in a tangible form.  Four tins of Hot Chocolate.  Each a different delicious sounding flavor.

There was a large bag of fragrant potpourri.  When we downsized I didn't keep a lot of my glass vases and didn't have anything to display it in.  Well a trip to the thrift store found this glass tube vase and sitting on a red plate made a lovely fragrant piece for the coffee table behind the Nativity Scene.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


  My dearest was called to be the pastor of First Baptist Church in Hughson, CA in 1981.  We had the pleasure of serving there for 27 years.  This picture of my sister Donna and me was taken our first Christmas there.  I loved decorating for holidays in that parsonage with the country kitchen and fireplace.

The picture is old and blurry, but it brings back wonderful memories of living close enough to my sister to share holidays.

Today we are both grey and great grandma's and it's strange to see us as brunette and redhead.  HaHa.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


All through September, October and November I looked for the trees in front of our balcony to turn to Fall colors.  They would not...stayed green, and I was wondering if they would ever turn.

They waited for Winter, and now we are getting the Fall colors.  HaHa

So we are gong to have a "GOLD" Christmas at the Treehouse.  When I read some of your blogs, the trees are heavy laden with snow.  Some will have a White Christmas...we'll settle for Gold!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Spent the morning "wrapping things up".  I was hoping to have Jill's box on it way to Oregon last week, but when I found out I was going with my daughters and granddaughters to the Carlsbad Outlets, decided to wait and see what goodies I could find.  So glad I did as I found the perfect gifts for everyone, and with the savings, could add some special touches.

We will spend Christmas Eve with Julie's family (a Christmas Tradition) and then Christmas Day at Michel's with all the family and having fun with the exchange gifts for the name we drew at Thanksgiving.

Now that the gifts are "wrapped up" I will move on to the baking.  Love having the Christmas Music blasting while I bake.   How is your Christmas schedule coming.  

Sunday, December 14, 2014


It has been a wonderful Sunday.  It started with a good morning service at, Christ Community Church.  Then our children took my dearest and me our to a wonderful lunch to celebrate his 77th birthday. 

Then a quick rest this afternoon, and back to the church this evening for a Celebration of Christmas with a dinner, fabulous concert and then cookies and coffee.  I took the top picture just before the Concert started.  Wish you could have heard the hour of Christmas music.  Choirs, Solos, Violin, flutes, children.  It just doesn't get any better.  Every note, every song and word told the true meaning of Christmas and gave God all the glory.  OK, now I'm ready for Christmas.