Tuesday, October 13, 2015


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I can't believe how stubborn a computer can be.  My dearest can get on the Internet everywhere we've stayed.  But my little Apple is giving me fits.  We went to an Apple Store in the mall in Rocklin and they said I needed an appointment and would probably have to leave it overnight... 

Well we are heading on the last leg of our trip home tomorrow, so will just wait until we get home and make an appointment.

Of course, like a toothache that stops when you get to the dentist, it will surely work like a charm at home.   But I do need to find out why it won't connect to other peoples wifi even though we enter all the right names and passwords.

The trip has been absolutely wonderful.  On the way to Tahoe we were able to make two stops and visit fiends in Santa Barbara and Lompoc.  (friends we known for years)  Then a quick stop in Pismo Beach to drop off Molly at my cousins.  (Lucky dog)

Then a week in God's magnificent Lake Tahoe.  While we were there my dear blog friend Sue and her hubby from Rocklin spent a day with us.  So much fun, scones, homemade soup and a view of the lake to die for.  We're back in Rocklin and I'm using his computer to touch base with all of you.

I have been able to visit some of you, and see you on facebook, but looking forward to getting back in the daily routines of the Villa.  Hope Freddie survived, we did put a 21 day feeder in his bowl.  I hear it's been 100+ in So. CA, so I don't know if my plants survived even though they are in the shade and I soaked them before we left.

So until Saturday....Hope all is well with all of you and looking forward to visiting and commenting to all of you when we get home.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


I received a email wondering if I was alive and well because I had not been on my blogs for days.

We are at Lake Tahoe, and my computer is not cooperating with the wifi here.  Can't upload pictures either.  This message is from Don's computer.

I am well, and when I could not get my computer working, I took it as a sign that I was to take a complete computer break for a couple weeks.

When we get back I will have a ton of things to share.  For those of you that missed me....Thank you.  Love you all.

Monday, September 28, 2015


I immediately knew what I had to do for the theme "Gifting".  It's a true story that touches my heart every time I share it.  The sketch is simple and done rather quickly, but the story will last a lifetime.

This is "Jimbo" and he was "GIFTED" to me when Elijah was about 6 or 7.  They were at our house up North for Easter, and when they arrived Elijah said he had a gift for me.  

As you can see from my sketch, the package was wrapped by him with all kinds of paper and miles of string and ribbon.  When I finally got it unwrapped I couldn't believe it was his favorite toy, a teddy bear he had since birth.

  I said " Elijah, you can't give me your teddy bear, he so special, you've had him since you were a baby."  To which he replied  patting my knee.  "Grandma, I'm a big boy now and you are old, I want you to have him."  I hugged him so tight, and accepted his GIFT OF LOVE.  Jimbo has a permanent place on my bed and will as long as I'm alive.

This is my Elijah now.  This was taken last Christmas.  And when I hear the word "Gifting"...Jimbo and Elijah will be my first thought!

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Saturday, September 26, 2015


"Like a Nest
Home is a place
Where you can feel secure
Even when you lay an egg!"

Sunday Sketches finds me doing art journal pages.  I have this sign hanging in my kitchen and I find it very true.  We can be ourselves in our homes, and if we mess up we know we are still loved and accepted.  A lot like how God treats us.   When we mess up, he doesn't send fire bolts from heaven, He loving holds us in His Nest, and forgives us and treats us like His children.  Don't you love that?  (I John 1:9)

When I was just a young child my father taught me a silly little ditty which I have share some time ago.  But it's fitting today since a Dominecker hem has made it into my journal.

Image from googleimages.com

One Zip
Two Zip
Little Ziggy Zan
A bob tailed
Tee, Toe, Tan

It doesn't make any sense, a silly little rhyme, but because it was taught to be by my father, which I loss way to young to cancer, it's very special to me.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015


Every morning I make a jar of "refrigerator tea".  Know what that is?  Years ago a friend of mine in Chicago told me about this tea.  Everyone who has ice tea at my house agrees it's really good.

In a plastic or glass container put 1/4 cup sugar, and little hot filtered tap water to melt the sugar.  Then fill with hot filtered tap water add a family size teabag and put in the refrigerator.  A few hours later you have beautiful amber colored sweet tea.

I had several errands to run so the first stop was the little Bistro in Old Town Monrovia. 
 The cook greeted me as usual.  He's the silent type.  In fact he looked "stoned"....Oh yes, he literally is stone...HaHa

 A vanilla latte was just what I needed to go over my lists and make sure I didn't forget any stops or items.   Got home and did forget to get the yarn at Michaels,  Oh well, I got everything else done.

When I got home and went out on the balcony to water my plants, I saw that my Creeping Charlie is blooming.  That doesn't happen very often.

And while Charlie is blooming, Miss Spider plant is having babies.  Today I counted 18.  What's a mother to do with that many kids.  She just lets them "hang around"...tee~hee.

Our Women's Tuesday Morning Bible Study started this week and I am a group leader for a few of the gals.  My main goal is to be an encourager to them and so today I made them little Memory verse cards they can carry in their purse for a handy way to have them close by to work on.  I put it on a ring, and each week will add a new verse.  Found this cute paper at Michaels.

What did your Thursday look like?