Monday, November 20, 2017


Are you a fan of Alexander McCall Smith series No. #1 Ladies' Detective Agency?  A new book is out!

Getting ready for the New Year with a 2018 Daily Planner

HaHa! Couldn't resist this little wooden sign at the Thrift Shop.  Yes, I kiss Molly goodnight!
 Remember the Persimmons I shared after our trip...some of them became Persimmon bread.  A little one with some leftover batter!!
 Thanksgiving Dinner at Villa Ramona
 Each year they serve a full Thanksgiving dinner to all the residents
WOW! That's a lot of slices of pie!!  I tried pumpkin and cherry!

So that is my odds and ends for Monday!  Have a great week and don't work too hard getting ready for Turkey Day.
My daughters have taken the baton, and I get to just sit back and enjoy the day!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2017


Mark 8:34 "If people want to follow me, they must give up things they want.  They must be willing even to give up their lives to follow me."

On one side stands the crowd,
Jeering, Bating, Demanding.
On the other stands a peasant,
Swollen lips, Lumpy eye, Lofty promise.
One promises acceptance, the other a cross.
One offers flesh and flash, the other offers faith.
The crowd challenges, "Follow us and fit in,"
Jesus promises, "Follow me and stand out."
They promise to please, God promises to save.
God looks at you and ask, "Which will be your choice?"

Grace for the Moment ~ Max Lucado  (Nov. 18)

Dear Lord sometimes this seems like a hard choice.....but the closer I follow You, and the more I camp in Your WORD, the more I surrender my life completely to You, I want no other choice.  You own me, you paid the ultimate price for my salvation...what less can I do... I will follow You.  I love You, Amen.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Green Bean Casserole, Garlic/cheese crescent rolls, and Strawberry Heaven was the Menu this month.
 Strawberry Heaven ~ was indeed "heavenly"

We had a good turnout, and everyone really enjoyed the menu.
 I like to get participation from the class when I can, so Carolina is helping me get the green bean mixture into the casserole dish.

One of my joys of living at the Villa is the cooking class and the freedom I have to make whatever I want, and the ingredients are paid for by the Villa.  Win~Win!

Monday, November 13, 2017


Since my last post was "Scribble Picnic ~ Boo" and now Thanksgiving is hiding just around the corner, I thought it fitting to share with you that "I've been everywhere, man".  (Do you remember Johnny Cash singing this??)  The trip started in Tahoe with friends that we had in our church in Hughson.  Ann was my dearest's assistant and made life so much easier for him doing all the administrative tasks and more!!

We enjoyed a delicious sandwich at the General Store at Camp Richards and Ann's husband in the background, Jim was a big part of the praise team with his musical talent and song writing.

The Office of the Weaver's time share where we spent several nights was decorated for Halloween and so I couldn't resist being one of the "Best Witches" of the day.

The next stop on our trip was to see my blog friend Sue and her husband Dave.  We have been blog friends since 2007, and a few years ago met in person, and visit them every time we travel North.  Great Christians with such servants hearts.  We call their place our Rocklin B&B.

Dave and Sue took us to visit friends of theirs that own and farm Persimmons preserving the Japanese art of hoshigaki.  Their Webpage is very interesting and shares the process.  I've added a link in you want to read more about this.

Looks like an old truck and an old gal..HaHa

This is the owner and he was gracious to tell us a lot about the farm, and family and let us take many pictures.

I bought a basket full so I can make Persimmon Bread for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The next stop was Fresno to pick up Molly.  My cousin Danette and her hubby Mitch take care of Molly when we take these trips.  They took us out to dinner at a BBQ and the food was to die for!!!

I got to hold this precious little girl, Emberly Grace.  I was there when her mom was born, and now get to love on this next generation.  More wonderful friends that are more like family in Hughson.

Had lunch with my sister and hubby, but didn't get a picture.

Final stop before heading home was in Bakersfield to visit Don's cousin Lou.  Some of you will remember when we lived in Sunland, and took care of Aunt Trula.  That's Lou's mom.  Lou was care giver for her husband for 6 years.  He had a heart transplant and other issues, and passed away last year.  The picture of him and her is on a blanket her family made for her on the 1st year anniversary of his passing.  She loved to cook and we ate, and ate, and ate...I got all her good recipes and will share them soon.

 Don's cousins, Lou and Phil and Phil's wife Diane.  Cousins are the best!!

What a wonderful trip, seeing family and friends.  So thankful that we have the health at our age to do these trips.  My dearest will celebrate 80 next month.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017



Just one word this week.  This little ghost will give a boo every time he knocks on a door.
Gotta love his socks and shoes.  A Ghost that has style!! HaHa.

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