Wednesday, August 24, 2016


 Oh what a month of August.  It was truly good, bad and painful.
The good was getting to spend time with our grandsons.
 Lunch with Kaleb and Elijah before Kaleb heading back to college in Illinois.  Berry Cobbler was on the dessert menu.
 Then Elijah decided he wanted to do a cooking class with his girlfriend, Allison and Grandma before she heads back east to college.  Berry cobbler was one they did.  And a great job I must say.  It was "hands on".

Scone were also a hands on experiment and they turned out great.  What a fun evening.

Cooking class this month was good too.  Chicken Salad recipe from my friend Kris was a big hit.  I will post the recipe soon since this is such a long post.

The BAD was a call from Kaleb.  He had a knee injury at a scrimage football game when he got back to college.  Waiting to see what the MRI shows and how long he will be out of commission.


A bad tooth.  My dentist was on vacation so had to suffer a little longer.  I didn't realize I had a problem until it was too late.  No pain.  Then all of a sudden, I knew I had a problem and the pain increased.  So Thursday...out it comes and that will take care of the pain.  They will add another tooth to my partial.  Old age...the eyes, the hearing, the teeth.  HaHa.  All in all I'm very thankful for my health.

It was a nice break as far as fb and blogging.  I think I finished 12 books.  Ready now to get into Fall and our Women's Bible Study that starts Sept. 13th.  A study in I and II Thessalonians.  

What was your August like? Will be around to visit all of you after my dentist adventure. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016


After a month of being "dog sit" by my cousin and her hubby we took a overnight trip to pick her up at Pismo Beach.  I think we woke her up...(She is a sleeper)
 She did give me a kiss! 

Our daughter Julie, and grandson Jon took the trip with us an we stopped for an ice cream in Solvang.
 Before we left for home my cousin Danette and Mitch took us out to a wonderful dinner overlooking the ocean.  From there we went to Lompoc to spend the night with dear friends before heading home the next day.
 John and Liz took us out to breakfast and what a meal.  The American Cafe, and little flags were on all our breakfasts.

Julie and Jon taking a final look at the beach before heading home and back to LA traffic....but that's another story you don't want to hear??

That's the last trip of the summer!!!

Sunday, July 31, 2016


Our time in Tombstone was a step back in history.  A ride in the stagecoach through the streets that looked like they did so many years ago.

Meeting Marshall Wyatt Earp, his brothers, and Doc Holiday.  And the newest member if the team on the far right. Deputy Don.

We watched a great drama of the shoot out at the OK Coral.  They are giving us a little information before the start of the show.  That famous gun battle lasted all of 30 seconds.  

That afternoon we drove to Bisbee where we had reservations at the Copper Queen Hotel.  Another step into history.
They have tried to keep the hotel looking like it did when it was in it's hayday!  This is a peek at our bathroom, and the claw foot tub.  Loved it!!

The Lobby of the Hotel was full of interesting museum pieces.
Kris and I have not lost our love of drama, and told our cowboy friends (Ted and Don) to meet us at the bottom of the stairs for dinner. We pretended we were wearing flowing gowns and large hats as we swayed out way down the staircase.  
The Hotel manger and assistant said they loved the drama and could see our fantasy ~~haha

This is the most time we have spent together since college.  What a treasure this time was.  Memories for a lifetime.

Of course what would be a trip without some shopping?  You can see Don and Ted could not keep up!  
Hope you enjoyed our trip.  We sure did!!

Saturday, July 30, 2016


Tucson is beautiful.  Unbelievable mountain ranges, and such a variety of cactus and plants.  I took almost 300 pictures and can't get my collage template to work, so I'll share a few of my favorites.

 We stayed in the Wycliffe apartments to accommodate retired missionaries or those on furlough.  They rent out available ones for visitors of Wycliffe missionaries.  It was very cute and I watched birds, roadrunners and rabbits out the window.
 The occasion for the trip was to celebrate Kris and Ted's 50th Anniversary.

 The setting was wonderful.

The room where it was held reminded them of their home in the village with the brick walls and red painted cement floor.  The dinner was absolutely delicious.

Don and I were thrilled to be part of their celebration and spend time with all the family and friends.  It was a weekend celebration.
Tuesday morning, after all the other guests and family had headed for home, Ted, Kris me and Don headed for Tombstone and Bisbee for a overnight holiday.

We stopped by the famous Tombstone Boothill Graveyard.  We've known our friend "George Johnson" for years, and we found a marker that I just had to take a picture to send to him.

"Here lies George Johnson
Hung by mistake 1882
He was wright
We was wrong
But we strung him up
and now he's gone!

Kris and I spotted a couple of Lawmen and they were gracious to let us have a picture with them before they headed off to the OK Coral.   
More on Tombstone and Bisbee tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


 Do you remember my childhood friend, Kris"?  These pictures were taken at my Mad Hatter Birthday party .  Kris and her husband, and Ted's brother Cliff and his wife Linda.

The trip to Tucson is to celebrate Kris and Ted's 50th Anniversary and also their retirement from Wycliffe Bible Translators.

I look forward to our trip and a lot of new pictures to share with you.

Don't plan to take my computer, so will take a break for a week starting Friday!